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{{Infobox voicebank
|image = 
|caption = 
|name = Ken Rangēji
|interpretation = Ken - Named after J2S OC Ken Shepard. Rangēji - Japanese for Language.
|type = NONE
|model = 777 (default: #?)
|gender = Female (default: Unknown)
|range =  (default: Coming soon)
|related = Hatsune Miku (idol) Ken Shepard (lookalike person)
|age = 20
|genre =  Male
|homepage = None as of yet.
|weight = Nobody knows...
|item = Spoon
|creator = Suruki
|height = 
|source = 
|pictures = 
|birthday =  October 27th (Like his lookalike)
|likes = Speaking other languages
|media = Japanese voicebank, Chinese voicebank, Korean voicebank
|release = To be announced
|dislikes = Girls who flirt with him	
|song = None yet
|personality = Quite like his lookalike Ken Shepard, he tried to save someone but nearly died doing it. Unlike his lookalike who gained a robotic arm because he lost his,

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