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Supplemental Information

Kenji Full body

Full body draft of Kenji.

HAIR COLOUR: Bondai Blue
EARPHONES: Grey and bondai blue. The sides have an >w< face on them.
OUTFIT: Grey sleeveless hoodie, (with cat ears on hood) bell necklace, black tanktop, black and blue armbands, black and blue checkered belt, black and blue belt hanging from his side, black shorts with blue arrows pointed downwards, black shorts under pervious shorts, white and blue sneakers.
COLOUR SCHEME: Bondai Blue, grey, black and white.


  • Kenji works part time as a Milk Courier. (Milkman)
  • Kenji is Straight.
  • He is also British alongside The Akane siblings and others.
  • Kenji's Model Number can be found on his upper right arm.
  • Accoring to both Roxas and Fibre-Glass, Kenji lives across from the Akane siblings in the same apartment building. It explains why both Kenji and Hirokine get along so well.
  • Despite being laid back and care free, it seems that Masamine Akane (who is usually not tolerant of this attitude) has taken a liking to him enough to become friends with him.
  • Kenji doesn't have Neko ears. Instead they are sewn into his hat, leaving him with nothing but the Neko tail.
  • It is unknown why Kenji and his brother Katsuro don't get along. Nothing has been considered canon.