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(Japanese: ケレス)

|- |colspan="6"|NAME INTERPRETATION:
(Keres) - A name of Greek origin meaning "evil sprits"
|- |colspan="6"|TYPE: NONE
MODEL: 0.5
|- |align="center"|GENDER |Female |align="center"|VOICE RANGE |F#3 ~ D#5 |align="center"|RELATED CHARACTERS |NONE |- |align="center"|AGE |Unknown |align="center"|GENRE |Slower songs |align="center"|HOMEPAGE |NONE |- |align="center"|WEIGHT |Unknown |align="center"|CHARACTER ITEM |Dowel rod |align="center"|CREATOR |robot-star |- |align="center"|HEIGHT |5'11" (180 cm) |align="center"|VOICE SOURCE |robot-star |align="center"|PICTURE LINK LIST |CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GELBOORU, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET |- |align="center"|BIRTHDAY |September 25, 2014 (It was the day of her first song release) |align="center"|LIKES |hospitals, long clothing, dark colors, other UTAUs, birds |align="center"|MEDIA LIST | SOUNDCLOUD |- |align="center"|RELEASE DATE |UNKNOWN |align="center"|DISLIKES |bright lights, insects, woods |align="center"|SIGNATURE SONG |NONE |- |colspan="6"|PERSONALITY: Cannot be determined due to lack of information. |}

==Supplemental Information== Headgear: (Hood and custom plague doctor mask)
Eye color: (Bright yellow-orange)
Earphones: (Violet purple headphones with a antenna ending in a purple lights)
Dress/Outfit: (Long black-ish purple coat, purple rubber gloves, brown belt, grey pants and knee-high boots)

==Voice Configuration== Act1 is my first ever UTAU recording experience therefore there are several notable pronunciation problems. ==Notable Works==

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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