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Kesume metai


Kesume metai was created by Manami Riko. you

can find some viedos of him singing.


BIRTH:december 15

DEBUT;december 8 2012



LIKES:music,popularity,uta utane(as a 

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Kesume metai

friend)FK593DIE(crush) his Ipod.

DISLIKES:how people forget thinges,

hatred people,


he was a sweet boy when he was litttle but things began to chage and he had to run away from his family

he ran away from korea.

taking his trip to japan he was all alone in 3rd class of the plane

not really knowing whats going on but still with hope he will find a family.

he was 8 when he ran. then later he found himself looking at a poster


poster he saw

(hatsune miku) he wanted to see miku

and hear her sing so when he went to the consert there were about more than

a millon people there thats when he

thought about it and then he said to himself

"If i ever grow up i will be a singer"

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