Kevin singing

Kevin singing


UTAU Kevin

Kevin's new look


Name interpretation: English boy name

Type: Kooparoid- Based on my username and my Super Mario FC version of him

Model: Unknown

Gender: Male

Voice range: C4

Age: 6

Genre: Any


Related characters: Miyuki, Konami, Ayano,Jackie, Kotomi

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Character item: Doesn't have one yet.

Creator: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Voice source: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1's cousin

Birthday: March 23

Release date: March 23

Likes: Games, candy, ice cream, Miyuki, Konami, Jackie, singing, basketball, Kotomi

Dislikes: Rude people, bullies, Takashi (he annoys him), Len Kagamine (he's jealous of him sometimes)

Personality: Kevin is Kacey's and Jun's son.
PLEASE NOTE-- Even though Kevin is given a personality, you are free to make one up.

If you like to roleplay, you are free to roleplay as any of my UTAUs

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Black

UTAU Kevin

Eye Color: Light blue

Dress: A white shirt, pink tie, jeans, and black shoes

Alternate design: A blue shirt with a white collar, jeans, and blue shoes

Headphones: None

Signature song:

Voice configuration

His Act 0

His Act 1


His Arpasing
UTAU Kevin's new look



-Kevin was originally a Vocaloid FC, but I wanted him to have a voice and turned him into an UTAU

-He is based off of my Mario FC

-Kevin is the second male UTAU I've made, but the first to be released.

-He'll blush when he's around girls that are older than him

-Kevin sometimes wishes to sing with a Vocaloid