Jitter Doll UTAU Ki Ki Otone Demo03:52

Jitter Doll UTAU Ki Ki Otone Demo

06 ki ki by shadowstar1021-d6vufo5

Ki_06 is his real "name" Birth parents? Who knows..


Name: Ki_06

Name interpretation:


Model: 06

Gender: Male

Related Characters: Storm Otone (Little Sister) Rest of the SHASTALOIDS (House mates.)

Age: 19

Genre: Rock, Rap, pop.


Weight: 190lb

Character Item: His skate board.

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 6ft, 4in

Voice Source: Shadowstar1021 on Youtube's friend.

Picture link List:deviantart

Birthday: November 11th

Likes: His music, Ki Ki loves his music. He is almost never serious. Nor does he ever go anywhere with his hat or skateboard.

Media List: youtube

Release Date: 11 of November 2013

Dislikes: He absoulutely hates haters!

Signature Song: Jitter Doll

Personality: Ki Ki is a loving and playful "gentleman", and (slightly perverted...)  He hates it when people fight, it makes him sad. Nor can he deal with people suffering. He would try to do any to help them. Even if it pulls him waist high is the blizzard. He also has a really foul temper once provoked. Which is nearly impossible.

Voice Configuration

Ki Ki ACT 01

I perfer to use him without and flags or resamplers.. Of course he is pretty robotic with out a little bit of work done out side of UTAU.

Usage and rules

When you draw art for him just know your limits... You can draw him with out his hat, his shirt, his shoes. Just not completly nude... Please and thank you...

As for pairings..... I don't mind any of them just don't make him seem like a pedo....

Do not claim him as your own. His voice, his design nothing. Me and his voice provider will find you and not even your mother will recongize you when we are done with you. Not a threat, a promise.

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