Tokane Kiia Chibi by tesvp

Kiia Toka

(Japanese: 兎歌キーア - とかきいあ - Toka Kiia)

Character's name was before Kiia Tokane (兎歌音キーア). In August 18 2015 her creator changed her name to Kiia Toka (兎歌キーア).

The creator, Pupuomena, wishes that people use from now character's new name.


兎歌(Tokane; Japanese, means "rabbit song")

キーア(Kiia; Finnish girl's first name. It doesn't mean anything in Finnish (or Japanese).)

TYPE: FINloid/Puppisloid

MODEL: Pupu-2 (Creator's 2nd Utau)



D3 - C5


Tokane Aki (Big brother)

Aino Erufu (her biggest rival)

Möykkyli (rival)

Shiki Kio (her only "friend". Calls him as her servant.)

Lychee (same creator/voicer)

AGE 13 (looks like about 17) GENRE Anything HOMEPAGE Official homepage
WEIGHT Secret! CHARACTER ITEM iPhone/Her bag CREATOR Pupuomena

160 cm (5'3")

/167cm (5'6")

(without/with heels)

VOICE SOURCE Pupuomena(aka. ププねぇー) PICTURE LIST

dA (artwork by others)

dA (artwork by Pupuomena)

BIRTHDAY 21th May 2014 LIKES

Make-up, boss others, using Twitter, big brother Tokane Aki and China.


21th May 2014

DISLIKES Möykkyli (=Aki's bunny pet) and Aino Erufu. SIGNATURE SONG

Personality: She is very bossy, selfish and super annoying to others (and doesn't have much any friends at all). She likes to make up and looking good (she's very shallow). 

Her deretype is Kamidere/Himedere.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair color: Brown (She has dyed her hair. Her natural hair color is yellow with orange end.)
  • Eye color: Blue and green
  • Nationality/Race: Finnish/Japanese
  • Favorite phrase: 「私は、世界で一番です!(笑)」"Watakushi wa, sekai de ichiban desu! (wara)" "I'm the best of the world! (LOL)"
  • Cup size with apples: D
  • Cup size without apples: AA

Voicebank download & terms to use

  • Kiia doen't have any own vb at all! To get her voice, use Tokane Aki's vb and add g-17 flags! Here down is download link to Aki's VCV voicebank. (That's the most recommed VB to get her voice at the moment)
  • Current available voicebanks:
  • Japanese VCV ver. 1.1
  • Upcoming voicebanks:
  • Japanese CV ver. 3.0 (WIP Monopitch voicebank. Release day is unknow.)
  • Terms to use:
  • Do not claim Kiia as your own. Tag “Tokane Kiia” if you use her. 
  • Not necessary but would be nice if credit Pupuomena for this voice bank in public when you use it.
  • Ask creator's permission before using her in commercial things!
  • Do not distribution or reprint this voice bank.
  • Do not steal voice samples/image/design etc!
  • Do not use Kiia to injure someone.
  • You can change oto without any permission.
  • You have not follow Kiia’s given personality. You can change it if you want!
  • R-18 and yuri things are allowed.


Credits from left to right: Tesvp, yoichi-masaki and Pupuomena

Tokane Kiia official

Tokane Kiia

Tokane Kiia Chibi by tesvp
Tokane Kiia by yoichi-masaki

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