NAME: Kiiynkoami Haneemi

AGE: 14



LIKES: Hatsune Miku (Idol), Kagamine Rin (Idol), Kagamine Len (Crush), Haneemi Masaomi (Brother), Haneemi Leina (Sister)

DISLIKES: Akita Neru (Enemy), Spicy Foods, Tarts, Utane Uta (Enemy)

BIRTHDATE: February 17, 2011

Kiiynkoami is childish, immature, But when it is needed, She becomes serious and moody. Kiiynkoami likes to be called Kii, Instead of having people say her long name.

Kiiynkoami tends to prank people when shes bored, But she is very loving and caring. She just hides it. Kiiynkoami hates it when someone wont share blueberries with her.

Kiiynkoami haneemi by sliverzgirl-d39qgm7

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