Introduction to Kikiana Lyra

Kikiana is a girl with short blue hair, and big red eyes. She's always been called an "OC". The owner soon decided, why not make a voicebank? And so she did.

She's known to have powers that allow her to hold fire and shoot fire. This allows her to defend herself when needed.

No, she is not immortal, she can die. You're welcome UTAU fandom.


Kikiana is good friends with Tammi, another UTAU with the same voicer, Unreleased though. Hope, the voicers best friends UTAU, is surprisingly Kikiana's best friend. They have been besties since they were very little. Fallon is another UTAU, who Kikiana is somewhat okay with. She doesn't know her well enough.

Kikiana is often paired with a green haired, blue eyed character which was designed for someone close to the voicer.


She isn't released just yet, has a little bit more to go as of 4/27.


Don't claim the bank as yours.

i mean seriously.


Dont claim the characters as yours

dont make sexual content with her.

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