Kikuo shouta

(Japanese: 菊男 湘 - きくお しょうた - Kikuo Shouta)


MODEL: iNEKOroid 01 - First UTAU made of iNEKOroid made by AppleNeko
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE G#3 ~ D5 ( He can go a lil bit more lower and higher, but this is the safest rage for him. ) RELATED CHARACTERS

Otone Aria (Playmates & fellow iNEKOroid)

Kazuki Kiba (Crush ?)

AGE Human age: 16 Kitten Age: 4 (He's only a 2 year old kitten, but in human form, he's already 14.) GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE [removed]
WEIGHT 106 lbs (48 kg) CHARACTER ITEM 3 x 3 Rubix Cube (He loves to play rubix cube and is always carrying it around.) CREATOR App1eNeko
HEIGHT 5'4" feet (162 cm) (He can't seem to grow any taller.) VOICE SOURCE App1eNeko PICTURE LINK LIST [Currently None]
BIRTHDAY December 7, 2009 LIKES Grilled Salmon MEDIA LIST shouta+%22菊男 湘%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE November 3, 2011 DISLIKES Shoes (He hated it so much and swore that he never wanted to wear it for the rest of his life because he often trip & fell.) SIGNATURE SONG


PERSONALITY: Kikuo was a naive and docile kid, but after the incident which occured a year ago (when he was a kitten and being kidnapped and threatened to take on drugs, which caused him to turn into a half-beast.) he had changed into a different person-he does not believe in others anymore. He is a lonely kitten but he likes to play a 3x3 rubix cube.(but he had a very hard time solving it...) He loves grilled salmon, but he can't eat it by himself because he has no idea how to pick out the fish bones, so sometimes he rather eat chicken instead.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blonde with white highlight
Eye color: Light Blue
Earphones: Cat paws printed earphone-a special design that fits on cat ears.
Dress/Outfit: White hoodie and a black and white checkered pants.
Nationality: Malaysian-Japanese


  • He love grilled salmon especially served with onions.
  • He can't eat fish with bones because he has no idea how to pick it out, so his master have to do everything for him.
  • He hates bath, the easiest way is using a bait-grilled mackerel.
  • Was kidnapped by a secret society that held an experiment on him-which allows beasts to be turned into humans. The experiment on him was a failure.As a result,it turned him into a half-best.
  • After he escaped from the laboratory, he was adopted by a scientist who knows about the secret society.
  • He's quit a fragile kitten.
  • His master made him an earphone that fits perfectly on his kitten ears after knowing that he's better at singing than talking.

Voice Configuration

Kikuo's VB is only in VCV , AppleNeko have not make him a CV bank yet but maybe in future. His VB only supports hiragana VCV. His voice is more feminine at the moment since he's immature. She planned to make a Chinese VCV in future, but doesn't promise it.

Download him here: [Password: leek]

Usage Clause

  • DO NOT redistribute his VB.
  • DO NOT repitch his VB.
  • DO NOT change his appearance
  • Duet is fine but don't do any couple pairing with him.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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