UTAU Kimu Nekumi

Born from Hoshiko Yuka - Chibi Hoshiko

Age: Unknown

Date of Birth: July 8 XXXX

Relatives: Hoshiko Yuka (Creator)

Eye Colour: Right - Blue / Left - White

Form: Neko - Cat

Description: She was created by Hoshiko Yuka (HoshiKai Hiwatari Yuka).

As I programed her, there was a virus to the system and there was a complete fail in her left eye, I tried SO hard to fix the bug... but it was too late. Her eye couldn't be removed nor could it be fixed. Unusually, as I tried the first few times at the begining of her programing the program would not turn on. Later, I found out the only way to unlock the program and get it running was a pass code. It had many errors as I tried my best to unlock it; I tried to hack into the system... but all the data that i stored for her in my computer was lost. Suddenly, the only thing that came into my mind was Neko, a cat. As I attempted for many days, I suddenly decided to create a NEWER program that would help Kimu become a better UTAU. The first thing that came to mind was Neko. I decided, without knowing, to program her with Neko mixed with Human and robot abilities. In the end, I decided to name her Nekumi for her ways that was programed as a cat.

Kimu - I created the name which was inspired by Miku Hatsune to Kimu Nekumi.

Kimu Nekumi (Key - Moo + Neck - Koo - Me)

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