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Kimura Kanon (Japanese: 木村カノン - きむら かのん - Kimura Kanon)


Kimura Kanon is the first Utauloid created by the youtube user Kanon746 with the help of the youtube user Banoetelchan


Hair color: Red hair

Eye color: Blue

Headphones: black with skull design

Clothes: wears a black jacket similar to Izaya Orihara from Durarara series! a black shirt and a black miniskirt too, has a striped stockings and black sand, use a patch over her right eye, but she don't have any problem with she's Eye, she just like the patch

Nationality: Japanese

Favorite phrase: Music is life from the point where you look~!

Gender: Female

Related: Characters: Shirayuki Shiro (Pervert friend)

Age: 16

Genre: Rock, pop, Visual-Kei

Homepage: Kanon746, Voice Download

Weight: 45 kg

Height: 1.65 cm

Birthday: November, 27

Character Item: strawberries

Creator: Kanon746

Voice source: Kanon746

Likes: Strawberries, sweets, chocolate, sing, eat, playing videogames, anime, manga

Dislikes: the fake people, The bitter things

Signature Song: None


Kanon is a girl very quiet, she don't like talk much and prefers to be alone, is really shy and just talk with people who have a great confidence she loves the pizza and the chicken, loves the metal & rock music and the Visual-Kei Style

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