(Japanese: 美音生娘 - びおんきむすめ - Bion Kimusume)

美音 (Bion; Nasal Sound, Sweet Voice) - Refers to her nasal tone that can sound sweet and young
生娘 (Kimusume; Innocent Young Woman, Virgin) - Refers to her innocence and her underlying purity as a young girl
Kimu is a frequent and acceptable nickname for Kimusume.

TYPE: USSloid - (Part of UTAU SoundScape)
MODEL: USS04 - (On the outside of her right arm)

Reicheru Hoshikone (Friend)
KOEMI (Best Friend / Soul Twin)
Tomo Chiyoko (Friend)

Fellow USSloids listed in information below

AGE 12 GENRE Rock, Pop; not intended for ballad HOMEPAGE shinami's YouTube
WEIGHT 86 lbs (39 kg)



CREATOR shinami



BIRTHDAY August 23 LIKES Bright flowers, hard candy, poofy dresses, ribbons and frills, doing whatever she wants MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE (Japanese name)
RELEASE DATE August 23, 2012 DISLIKES People treating her like an idiot, sweats, being quiet, bedtime, spicy foods DEBUT SONG


PERSONALITY: Kimusume is a bit of a ditzy young girl who never considers the consequences of her actions. She aimlessly follows her curiosities and wants, and though she gets in trouble sometimes, her pure intentions and cute face she happily wields as weapons protect her from punishment. Despite her lack of thought, Kimusume is an optimistic bit of sunshine who tries her hardest to keep her loved ones happy, especially her "sister" Kaisho Kenage.

(*You aren't constricted by this information. Feel free to interperet Kimusume any way you wish and pair her with whoever you like as long as you clearly state it's unofficial.)

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Orange
Color Scheme: Orange, Yellow, Black

See her concept art for further details on her appearance. Here is a reference/explination for how her hair is styled.

Voice Configuration

Kimusume Bion's only bank currently released is her CV 1.0, which is encoded in romaji with hiragana aliases and is available here. Bonuses in the CV bank include VCV vowels, VCV breath-outs, and english Rs and Ls. However, "gwe" and "kwa" of the "gw_" and "kw_" sets are missing, but Shinami doesn't think that will effect users.

VCV is currently in recording and samples are available on Shinami's SoundCloud. If anyone wants to use Kimusume's VCVs before their release, merely contact Shinami through one of the ways listed on the UTAU SoundScape page.

One extension and two "appends" are planned; Citrus, Plum, and Kiwi. Citrus will be her standard VCV bank with additional high and low notes, Kiwi will be a soft voice, and Shinami thinks she will make Plum a loli voice but that may be prone to change. Kiwi and Plum will have alternative designs.

Fellow UTAU SoundScape Members

User Agreement

You are free to cover whatever songs you want with Kimusume and draw Kimusume however you like. Shinami's only restrictions are that you don't break any laws with Kimusume and that, if the material has mature content, that appropriate warnings are applied clearly. Also, whenever using/drawing Kimusume, always label through tags, notes, the title, or in some other clear manner that it is Kimusume Bion.

Commercial usage is permitted as long as Kimusume Bion is clearly labeled and one has permission from Shinami.

Common UTAU ettiquete must be applied to Kimusume as well. Do not alter her samples in any way to create a new UTAU, do not claim her voicebank as yours, do not steal her design, roleplay without permission, etc.

The information here is written and confirmed by Kimusume Bion's creator, Shinami, unless this page is edited without permission, in which Shinami will quickly work to rectify the changes. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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