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Kireii Koe

(Japanese: Kireii Koe - キレイ こえ - Kireii Koe)



MODEL: 0.1.0 (On her right brest)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C#4-G#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Chikka Torreliza (Mother like thing?/Friends)

SHIZUKA (Fellow Astraloid/Strong dislike)

Ren Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Likes/ Friend)

Rena Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Friends)

KOKORO(Fellow Astraloid/ Friend)

SPADE (Fellow Astraloid/ Little Brother)

PRIEST (Fellow Astraloid/ Older Brother)

ASTRAL (Fellow Astraloid/Friend)

AGE 21 GENRE Depends (pop/techno) HOMEPAGE Doesn't have one yet
WEIGHT 133 Ibs CHARACTER ITEM Watermelon CREATOR / Voice provider Astrallights / Astrallights~ / 1astrallights1
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'6/167cm Race Angel/English/Spanish PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY 19th February LIKES Being around others, Quiet rooms, Ren, Rena, Kokoro, Her brothers SPADE & PRIEST MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE 19th February 2014 DISLIKES Foods that are too Spicy, Assholes in general (Shizuka), Shizuka, Her creator, Shizuka SIGNATURE SONGS Undead Enemy/Outer Science/Babylon
PERSONALITY/Backstory: Kireii is a nice person overall but dislikes people are are clingy (Like me T u T). When she was younger she discovered she had a younger cousin by the name of Shizuka. She doesn't like Shizuka as when they were little he gorged out her right eyeball, she still has nightmares about that that. When she met Ren and Rena it reminded her of how her parents had slowly abandoned her and she took them in to live with the over Astraloids which is why Ren is slightly more attached to her then the other Astraloids. Ren made her a glass eyeball but she still chooses to wear a eye patch as she thinks it makes her look cooler.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black/Pink.

Headgear: angel wing on left headphone.

Eye color: Red/Pink.

headphones: Black round headphones.

Clothes: A white shirt and long flowing shirt with a slit down the side

Nationality/Race: English/Spanish/Angel

Favorite phrase: "You can't eat that watermelon its alive you know!"

Usage Clause



♪ You can make original songs with Her.

♪ Do not use my UTAU for anything illegal.

♪ Usage must follow the terms set by UTAU's Creator.

♪ No Claiming this voicebank as your own, or claiming to be it's creator.

Voicebank Usage

♪ Permission is not required for banks to be used.

♪ Showing the creator is not required, but appreciated.

♪ Modification of the OTO.ini file is ok for personal use. Contact the creator for any major issues.

♪ Commercial usage requires the creator's permission.

♪ Do not redistribute the voicebanks.

♪ Do not redistribute a modified version of any of this UTAU voicebank.

♪ Do not use the voicebank(s) as a Pitchloid.

♪ Do not use the samples in the voicebank for another UTAU voicebank.


Kireii Koe CV IRRITATE Japanese: Download

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