喜多村 花子

Type and Name

Morose Make Believe 【UTAU Kitamura Hanako】04:52

Morose Make Believe 【UTAU Kitamura Hanako】



(VS = Vocal Series)

Kitamura : Key;Tah;Muh;Rah "Northern Village"

Hanako: Hah;Nah;Koh "Flower Girl"


She is the elf of wisdom in a small elfen village. Uses magic to trick the enemy and heal the companions. One of her magic tricks involves singing, as her singing is enchanting to the opponents, wich will get distracted.

She is partly Dandere partly Yangire and is able to kill the opponent without hesitation.


Kitamura Hanako Act 1
【UTAU Kitamura Hanako】Anti Beat VB download03:36

【UTAU Kitamura Hanako】Anti Beat VB download

Art by others

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