Kitsune Kuroharu is a UTAU supposed to have her own voice. Append versions may be added later.


Kitsune - a creature of Japanese folklore, maybe it means "fox", I do not have the exact idea of it. Kuroharu - Kuro means black and haru means spring.

Alias: Kitsune of the Black Spring, Kitsune Mask (here, I was supposed to write Mask Kitsune but then I remembered about Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon...)

(The UTAU name was even based on Hatsune Miku and Gumi's series about Kitsunes, foxes and a girl that ate humans. Search for "the foxs wedding miku gumi".)


Voice provider: Bea Bittencourt, or simply Neko-P

Twitter of the owner: @SuspectTakane

Age: undefined, the fans would say around 16.

Gender: female

Genre: mostly designed for every Vocaloid song

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Voice range: undefined

Voice type: sweet with some young woman singer touch. Appends may be added.

Language: I plan on making Japanese and English voices.

Item: fox mask

Appearance: Kitsune has red-sunset hair tied on high pigtails, a bit like Miku, but Kitsune's hair is way more short. She has sunset eyes and white skin. On her Append version, she is using her fox mask and her Append clothes are similar to the original Vocaloid append clothing. The only thing that really changes is her hair, that on Append version shines orange, though its color is still red.

Birthday: October 31st. Since has undefined age there is no year of birth to be displayed.

Likes: foxes, war, Japanese festivals, horror stories, strawberry cake, red and orange flowers, the sunset and her cards (rumors that Kitsune uses them to summon spirit-like foxes)

Dislikes: coconut, rainbows, ponies or pegasus or unicorns, arthropods in general, pomegranates and weapons of today (she thinks the old weapons are more elegant, katanas for an example)

Idol: Yowane Haku, IA, Cul, Galaco

Model: there is not a real model, only "KTS-666"

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