Note: THis is old and will on longer be receiving edits.

Luna Kitsune



Height and weight:

4'10 & 75 lbs

Voice source & bank provider

Not confirmed

Character Item

A (bloody) Machete


Fishing, Foxes, Summer,Killing squirrels and eating


Cold weather, Squirrels Sukone Tei (Rival/arch enemy)


Luna is yandere,Stabbing those who get in between her and her food. She can be sweet but only if she feels like it. She is not afraid to kill in public if needed


Luna sketch1

A rough sketch I did with sumo paint

Her voice bank is still being recorded (At this rate it may take a while plus I gotta upload it....) uuuugh it is not going well.....

DRESS: Camo coat with a white shirt with a camo tie exosing her belly (She's skinny) with a pair of black jeans and Camo sneakers (Like NIKE'S)

Headphones: Black with blue illuminations on each side... Due to her bored=destruction habits they are made of solid Titanium

I may-may not realease her voice bank okay?  If you want to contact the creator if you can make a voice bank here------>Luna Kitsune (talk) 19:11, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

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