Kiyoshi Hatashima
Kiyoshi sister of Hiyoshi Hatashima. She's a great person in heart and she doesn't let her self down quickly. When it comes too her brother and his crush Akira Hakawa its comes to jealousy or shame. Kiyoshi is sometimes called Kiyo-chan or Kiyo-nyan cause of the fact of her being a neko. Her friends are Choji Kobuki, Chu-kiyo Kobuki, Sen Hakawa (girl), Akira Hakawa and Kentzu Chikune (from a friend). Being a Neko is hard for even if she is a ninja. In japanese Kiyoshi is spelled like this (きよし) or Harashima is spelled like this (原島). Kiyoshi is 15 years old just like her brother. She likes to protect her friends and family.

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