Koguto Imayoto is one of the currently planed Imayoto Family, which will consist of Hideko Imayoto(younger sister), Yoshiko Imayoto(eldest sister/guardian), Zoguto Imayoto(polar opposite twin brother), and Yuma Imayoto(youngest sister/antagonist). School rivals attack him the most because his brother does not defend him. that is a mistake. when he is angry, his shown eye turns purple and an orange glow can be seen through the bandage over his eye. he has been known to literally staple people to walls using his ultrasharp twinblades, which leave a spiderweb shaped burn from a weak acidic poison. that heals, but the scar stays. he likes produce mushrooms and strawberries, but his favorite fruit of all is the pomegranate, he is also in love with Defoko. he does not like his beserk state, and wishes it could be controlled. he also hates his ruined eye, which he must wear a wraparound bandage over to keep it from showing. Hideko is the only Imayoto who shows any sign of caring for his safety.

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