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Kokatsuna Rantan

"Cunning Lantern"
TYPE: Unikloid

Utsubyo Murasaki ("niece," duet partner, dance partner, neighbor, fellow Unikloid, protects)

Utsubyo Bairetto ("niece," duet partner, dance partner, neighbor, fellow Unikloid, protects)

AGE 33 (appears 7) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 85 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Wooden baseball bat CREATOR ScandinavianSweetie
BIRTHDAY November 23 LIKES Utsubyo Bairetto, Utsubyo Murasaki, deceiving bad people with her innocence, hurting others that hurt her twins MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE July 20, 2012 DISLIKES Murasaki and Bairetto's parents, bad people, men SIGNATURE SONG Romeo & Cinderella

BIO: Rantan was dropped in acid when she was a baby, thus giving her a baby-face for life and stunting her growth; she lost the ability to get pregnant, as well. She hated her parents from the start and moved out into an apartment complex when she turned 18. A few years later, a very dark and scary couple moved in next door; they were pregnant with twin girls. Rantan was overjoyed, thinking she could possibly become an "Auntie." She introduced herself to them; they mistook her for a small child and chased her away. After a few years, all Rantan heard was yelling and screaming... and abuse. She from then on vowed to protect the twins from anyone or anything; she carries a baseball bat with her wherever she and the twins go. They are all very close, and share simliar interests. Rantan is very happy, as her life feels complete.

PERSONALITY: Very happy-go-lucky, playful, and always putting others first. She turns phsyco when her twins are in danger or agony.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Cream
  • Eye Color: Lavender/Purple
  • Dressing: Hot pink tank top with pink heart, very light blue skirt, white thigh-high socks, and pink converse
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay (but likes to trick and seduce men... then break their hearts)
  • Nationality/Race: Japanese

Other Info

  • Rantan has a very high-pitched voice, but she can still sing any kind of song.
  • Rantan lets the twins sleep over at her place; they usually all sleep together.
  • Rantan holds a special place inside Murasaki's heart, despite Murasaki being a Tsundere to everyone except Bairetto.

MMD (MikuMikuDance)

The model is available in LAT and was made by mYverTI0N. No editing, redistributing, or doing naughty things with her.


She works well with any resampler, except for fresamp, which doesn't work on her.

I recommend either the default resampler or bkh01. Tips could work, too.

Use Utsubyo Bairetto's voicebank at g-30.

Future Voicebank Plans

Japanese VCV, English, Spanish, German (Maybe), and Finnish (Maybe) voicebanks are in store for the future.

Usage Clause

  • You may NOT claim Kokatsuna Rantan as your own.
  • NO editing the voicebank. (Pitch changes, etc)
  • You may NOT use this UTAU to hurt someone or a group of people.

MMD MikuMikuDance UTAU Utauloid Unikloid

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