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(Japanese: 心音カラ - ココネカラ - ここねから - Kokone Kara)
心音 (Kokoro/ne; Heart Sound)

カラ (Kara; from) - Kara is also a derivative of karafuru, meaning colorful

Altogether, it means "From the Sound of the Heart"

Karu (Genderbend) Everyone is her friend
AGE 17 GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 100 lbs (~45 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Shaved ice (and ribbons~) CREATOR SunGuardian524
HEIGHT 5' 2.5" (158.75cm) VOICE SOURCE SunGuardian524 PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY December 16th LIKES Ribbons, bows, friends, cats, colors, frozen treats MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE December 16th, 2014 DISLIKES Nothing much SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Kara is a hyper girl who rarely is down. Don't call her dark brown hair black or she will get VERY mad. She can rarely get shy, especially around something new. She's not a fan of white when everything can be colorful. Kara has an excited, yet cute personality, making it super easy to love or hate her on the spot. Kara doesn't act her age, but when a friend is down or in a dire situation, she can shock others with her wisdom. She's a curious girl with a love for learning. Beware: she does get easily confused sometimes and WILL over think! Kara was also made to be pure/ full of light yet childish


Kara's design was born of the creator's creative imagination (*cough cough*) but did have help on outfit designs by friends and family alike.

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

HAIRSTYLE: Medium length front hair with very short hair in back. Her front hair is straight and layered on her right side and fluffy and wavy on her left.


ACCESSORISES: Turquoise bow on left side of front hair. Two rainbow colored hair clips are in her front hair on right side.

HEADSET: small black kitty-shaped ear bud with a turquoise mic attached

OUTFIT: Turquoise long-sleeved shirt with a darkish red bow as collar trim. Bow is the front and back, and front bow is tied with golden yellow ribbon to look similar to a cat's bell while the rest of the ribbon trails her back like a scarf. Over shirt has wholes in the shoulder area with lilac/light purple stripe in front leading to around to meet the lilac/light purple side stripe at the top on the back. Under shirt is a tight long sleeved royal blue shirt that as mesh in various places during summer and hole in the middle of the chest. Skirt is double layered with the top layer royal blue and the bottom turquoise. Has long lilac/light purple thigh-high socks with knee-high royal blue shoes. Shoes are laced with turquoise ribbon topped with a bow and have a slight heel to make her seem 5 ft 4 in.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Has 3 vertical black stripes on her cheek to symbolize blushing, cuteness, youth. Her medium length twin tails are also just extensions.

More info + vb downloads here:

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