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(Japanese: スズキココロ - すずきこころ - Suzuki Kokoro)
  • Note!!* ; I now have 15 or more UTAU in my Proeject! Please go to for them all, as I will not update this anymore! (This may end up in deceased or something, but eh, I don't care.)

Kokoro = Heart

Suzuki = Beel Tree or Bell tree

Kokoro Suzuki = Heart Bell Tree

TYPE: Robot/Human - (Kokoro has that Human look, but is more so robotic like.)
MODEL: Y01 - (YS stands for Yumi☆(Star) and 01 is the first UTAU created.)

Roroko Suzuki (Twin sister)

Miru Suzuki (Older Sister)

Lemin Ayde Suzuki (Little Sister)

Defoko (Idol)

Teto Kasane (Idol)

Momo Momone (Idol)

Megurine Luka (Idol)

WEIGHT 150 lbs (68 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed teddy bear (Although she is 13, she still has her child side.) CREATOR YumiStar/ProjectKawaiiloid
BIRTHDAY October 7 LIKES Check her Likes belows. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE October 7th 2012 DISLIKES Check her Dislikes belows. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: An innocent young girl with the age of 14, who loves her family and possesions. She is obsessed with Defoko, Momo, Teto, Luka, GUMI, Rin, and Miku. Her attitude is more innocent then mean, though she can get mean.

Kokoro's First bank (Default Bank)

Hair color: Pink
Headgear: None 
Eye color: Blue/Teal/Aqua
Earphones: Heart headphone
Dress/Outfit: Grey dress and pink shoes
Others: Teddy Bear she carries around (Never been pictured)
Nationality/Race: Japanese

Kokoro's APPEND bank (APPENDed Bank)

Hair color: A darker Pink/ maybe it's Magenta, idno.
Headgear: None 
Eye color: Blue
Earphones: Same as her Default bank, but she hasn't been pictured with them.
Dress/Outfit: Cannot explain, please refer to her APPENDed image.
Others: Teddy Bear she carries around (Never been pictured)
Nationality/Race: Japanese



Suzuki Kokoro's Default voice bank image.


Suzuki Kokoro's APPENDed voice image.


Lolita, Kawaii, her Family, Defoko, Kasane Teto, Momone Momo, Kagamine Rin Megurine Luka, GUMI, Hatsune Miku.


Kagamine Len, Kaito, Mean people, The fact people call her a 'baby' just because she carries a teddy bear (never pictured.. forgot to tell the drawer of her, but at the time, I never knew it, so..)

Voice Configuration

Please click here for Kokoro's voicebank~

Please click here for her APPEND voice~

Please do not redistribute her.

Feel free to use her for anything, just do not call her yours. She may not register correctly, that's my fault.


Please, If  you have to work with her voice to make it better, You may, But if you wish to redistribute her over with it, contact me via email ( I do NOT check deviantART, YouTube, or any other stuff to see if I have anything. 

Models, Images, Others.

Models: Both of her banks need a Model, but I'm not going to beg/bug someone to make one, so if anyone is enterested in making one, feel free. If anyone does, please send me a link to her via my email. I would rather if a model of her is made, the creator of the model keeps her for themself without letting me have a model of her, because she is my UTAU, but the creator can keep a model of her if creator also lets me have her. IF YOU CREATE HER A MODEL, PLEASE, SHE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A BIG BUST..I WOULD RATHER YOU USE A BASE THAT HAS A BIG BUST. 

Bases that I have found that would work..: (Please read the note at the end of the base thingy.. (sorry im sorry OTL)

Female Base [Busty]: DasChui  

Anime Style: amiamy111

Chilled Cherry Base: amiamy111

-Note: If bases wwith a big bust is used, please make the bust physics work like the bra does in the first base I said... aahhjustcauseimagirldoesntmeanidontlikejigglybusts...<o> (I'm sorrryyyyy)

Default Image: I believe GaySalt on dA drew her, if this is incorrect, feel free to correct this part, but ONLY this part!!!!

APPEND Image: I created her APPENDed voice image with 

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