Kumone Amaterasu (雲音天照) is an UTAUloid whose release date is TBA. She is developed by "amakumo project" (天雲プロジェクト), a project based on her name. Amaterasu is the first character to be announced in Amaloid Series01 and the first of that series to be given a surname. amakumo project is hoping that their success will be based on Kumone Amaterasu.

Other characters in Amaloid Series01 are Amanome, Amamizu, and Amakoe. These characters are often mean to Amaterasu because they don't get as much recognition as her and they are jealous.

Kumone Amaterasu's voice provider is a teenager under the pen name "Hasumi Minako", the founder of amakumo project.


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