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Kurashi Key

(Japanese: くらしキー)

くらし, Kurashi, was originally thought out as an stereotyped japanese pronunciation of classy, which was somehow a hint at the general theme of the utauloid. くらし however can be read as life.  

キー, Key, was a randomly thought up name after a debate on various other choices. 

All in all, くらしキー can roughly translate to "Key to Life"

TYPE: Hanyoshiki Unit

Kurashi Kuro (Older Brother)

Tsukami Kyo ("It's Complicated")

Eleka Scatter  (Best Friend and Confidante)





WEIGHT 27 kgs CHARACTER ITEM a bronze cane (with a decorative red ruby) CREATOR Loui / vvvictory
HEIGHT 132 cms VOICE SOURCE Loui / vvvictory PICTURE LINK LIST WIP Concept Art

flying, being called adorable, broadway musicals, twitter, cute boys.

MEDIA LIST YouTube / SoundCloud
DEBUT DATE December 13 DISLIKES dancing, getting her picture taken, academic things, her bust size SIGNATURE SONG Daydream Flight


Key is a somewhat happy-go-lucky girl, who doesn't like to worry about things and would rather spend the day up in the clouds, literally. She's a bit slow on the take-off, but is willing to give a hand when truly needed. Usually arrogant and brash, she loses this side of her when asked to sing and becomes painfully shy (which she is trying her best to overcome.  Although she likes keeping up a strong image, she's rather emotionally fragile and cannot take criticism well. She only opens up to her brother, or her best friend.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: A fez; acts as a tranceiver/receiver device
Eye color: Ruby red
Earphones: N/A
Outfit: A simple black vest over a long-sleeved, white blouse with a red bow tie; tight red shorts held up by a long gold, satin belt. She also wears black knee-high boots.
Others: She has black wings portruding from her back that gives her the ability to fly.

Other Related Characters

Hanyōshiki Unit

  • Tatsu Shouri
  • Terry Theron

Hanyōshiki Sub-Units 

  • Tsukimiyo 
  • Beikokushi

utaNeRe Group



An incident involving an unforeseen eclipse, a scientific experiment and a tragic death leaves Kurashi Key as a half-demon, or otherwise known as a Hanyō (半妖). The incident was named "Yōkai (妖怪) Merge" where all individuals who were present were gathered together and divided into sectors/units in order to see the difference of effects. The people involved were stripped off of their memories and basically their life outside of a laboratory and only live as test-subjects. 
She's part of the Hanyōshiki Unit who are the individuals who are founded with physical attributes of animals, with meta-human skills and abilities. Key possesses the wings of a raven.
The three different units of the Yōkai Merge managed to escape to live freely. All units stay together with the exception of TM_01 of the Tsukimiyo Unit who is grouped with the half-demons to act as their keeper. 

Fun Facts

  • Key doesn't do well with stand-up comedy. She tends not to understand a thing.
  • Unknown to most, she plays the saxophone rather well. .
  • She doesn't particularly like cats, but she tolerates them. 
  • Her bust size is a little bigger than your average 12 year old.
  • She has two left feet.
  • Key is very protectiive towards her biological brother.
  • She's very fond of teasing Tatsu Shouri.
  • ... but she'll never admit that he's her favorite among her unit.
  • She hates the rain; it makes it hard for her to fly.
  • Key doesn't do well with sports.
  • Or academic stuff.
  • Or arts (besides music) and crafts.
  • Unlike what most people would assume, Key loves vegetables and doesn't like sweets at all.
  • She's also rather fond of spicy things.
  • Key has a thing for cute boys.
  • She has a big crush on Piper K.
  • ... despite her insisting she's found her destined-to-be in Tsukami Kyo.
  • Whenever she uses twitter, she often chirps out "tweet" when actually tweeting something.
  • Despite the situation which she found herself in, Key likes dabbling in the supernatural.

Voice Configuration

The current voicebank has a fixed oto.ini and has capabilities to read both Romaji and Hiragana USTs.

Kurashi Key's voicebank is under private use of the UtaNeRe and a few selected individuals (by decision of each's creator for each voicebank). Actual release and/or distribution is a big question mark. For more concerns on Kurashi Key's voicebank, contact Loui via deviantART, YouTube .

By requesting the voicebank, you are expected to follow the voice configuration settings and distribution conditions said above and the usage clause listed below.


There is a plan for an ACT2 (re:fLyte) with much clearer and even more voice samples, as well as English, Filipino and Korean voicebanks. Plans for a VCV voicebank is under consideration.

A mature append -named "Soar" - for Key is currently in configuration. 

Usage Clause / Terms and Conditions

If you are lucky (or unlucky, it works either way) enough to get the voicebank, you must comply to the following:

  1. You comply with UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Users cannot claim to own this character or the voicebank itself.
  3. Users should not use this character for commercial purpose.
  4. Users should not violate any right of third person/party by using this character.
  5. Users should not use this character in the way of remarkably ruining the image of this character.
  6. Users must not use this character to slander or insult other person/party, or in the way of being offensive to public order and morals.
  7. Political expression is forbidden!
  8. Users should not rename, edit, or/and pitch voice samples.
  9. Redistribution is not allowed without the author's consent.
  10. Users are allowed to modify the oto.ini but for improvement purposes.
  11. Have a wonderful life ahead.

Information subject to change without prior notice. Do not modify this page without author's permission.

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