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Kuro's 2014 design!

WynturStorm: "Well, here goes nothing."

Shadow: "Have fun master."

Kuro: "Don't make me look bad 'kay?"


Name: Kuro Utanen

Name interpretation: Kuro-Dark. Utanen- Uta- Song. ne-sound and the N at the end resembles the Voice Provider's last name, which also ends in a N. Dark song sound...


Model: 01 

Gender: Male

Related Characters: Shadow Utanen (Twin sister) Neko Utanen (Younger brother), Star Utanen (Younger sister)  Snow Utanen (Older sister),Storm Otone ("Friend"). ( Neko doesn't have a voice yet. YET.)


Genre: Ballad

Nostalogic UTAU Kuro Utanen04:01

Nostalogic UTAU Kuro Utanen

ACT 05 Demo



Character Item: Chocolate Cake.

Anti the Infinite Holic UTAU Kuro Utanen05:06

Anti the Infinite Holic UTAU Kuro Utanen

ACT 03 and ACT 05. Can you hear the differences?

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 5"10'

Voice Source: Shadowstar1021 on Youtube.

Picture link List: deviantart

Birthday: April 20

Likes: Drawing, singing, writing, video games, books, Ice cream. Stormy. Flirting.

Media List: youtube

Release Date: May 8, 2013

Dislikes: Annoying people, Viruses, the computer crashing, homework, having to share with his sister, cleaning, doing chours. 

Signature Song: Nostalogic

Personality: Kuro is a sweet, gentle, young man. He loves to talk and is quite social, come in handy when it comes to singing. He is his twin sister's complete opposite. He is very cheerful almost all the time and well known in his group (SHASTALOID). Kuro is more of a trouble maker than his sister. He enjoys flirting with other UTAULOIDS regardless of gender and age, though he says his heart belongs to Storm. He is very self confident and a little cocky. He really doesn't care where he is placed on the stage, as long as he is there. Kuro would never deny is singing, as long as it is in (Or made to) his range/setting.

Voice Configurations.

INSaNiTY UTAU test comparison00:31

INSaNiTY UTAU test comparison.

A quick comparison of his ACT 03, ACT 04, and ACT 05. See why ACT 04 was abandoned?


  ACT 02 CV (JPN)

ACT 03 CV (JPN) Utanen CV.

ACT 04 Shadow and Kuro ACT 04 release

ACT 05 Kuro ACT 05

ACT 01  APPEND CV (JPN) append This is Shadow's voicebank. Flag it at g+ 15 to get Kuro's voice. More flagging may be needed. 

ACT 01 CV-VC (ENG) Release date is currently unknown due to misplaced files.

ACT 05 CV (JPN) Most recent version. This may be his final JPN CV Update. 

Voice Range: Baritone, C2 to C3 Lower ranges. He can also sing in C4 as his highest range.

His voice is very soft. Some flagging can be used. I am not sure what ones work the best. 

Supplemental Information 

Appends: POWER

Hair color: Dark Red-brown, with a black streak in the bangs. His hair comes above his shoulders, and is rather messy on the sides.

Append: Red hair that fades out to black.

Headgear: Usually a black, grey, and white headset. He is kinda lazy so he might of lost them...

Append: None

Eye color: Golden brown.

Append: Red

Headphones: Black, grey and white headset. Usually....

Append: None

Dress: A white short sleeved shirt, tucked into dark greyish black shorts that go just above his knees. A medium grey belt and no shoes.

Append: Black top, red belt with sound waves on it, and black baggy pants. No shoes. Black Detached sleeves with red bands on his upper arms with sound waves on them. He has sound waves on his sides and arms. They extend from his under arms to his ankles and wraps around them. On his arms they go from his ears to his wrists.

Nationality/Race: American Shastaloid.

Favorite phrase: "They are your problems, not mine." Kuro is a layed back teen boy. He really doesn't care about everyone elses problems..

Do not edit his page or I will find you..... 


Last update: Augest 2, 2013.

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