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Kuroji Miryon ID

(Japanese: 黒血 ミリョン- くろじみりよん - Kuroji Miryon)

ミリョン(Miryon-Game of words of his real name provider)

黒(Kuro; Dark/Poison)

血(Ji; Blood)


Tenka Miamai(Close friend, from the same school)

Nysatsu Senkou (Friend)

Tenka Yosshi (School Roomie)

AGE 18 GENRE  Pop, rock, hard rock HOMEPAGE Official Site (Only Spanish)

167 lb(76 kg)

CHARACTER ITEM Rambutan and a pianola key CREATOR Riten
HEIGHT 6'0 ft(180 cm) VOICE SOURCE

Riten / Emilio Acuña

PICTURE LINK  Deviantart
BIRTHDAY 31 Oct LIKES Videogames, piano or keyboard, violin, erhu, cooking. MEDIA LIST TBD
RELEASE DATE 24 June 2014 DISLIKES Hard jokes, unpolite but specially homophobic and religious people, affection in excess and wearing white. SIGNATURE SONG NONE

Kuroji has a very contrasting attitude, wich means, that at first glance seems someone aggressive, serious and indifferent to people, but in reality when you know him well, shows almost the opposite, it is also a mature and smart person, but he often gets angry very easily when is bothered. Just in special cases, he tends to act pervy, but only does that when he is with very reliable friends.

Suplement Information

Hair color: Black with red highlights.

Headgear: Triangle pin with spikes alike miku style.

Eye color: Wine red and passion red when he gets angry.

Earphones: Crimson red with light gray, each earphone has a triangle shape.

Dress: Its like a Dark style, he hangs his hair with a triangle pin sorrounded by spikes, has a gray T-shirt with pointy cross ornaments, has a synthetic leather vest with pointy ornaments that are united in his back with metal triangle shaped rings, has tight leather pants where he likes to hang a metal chain, has leather boots with glowy red edges  and with a metal ornament at the peak.

Nationality/Race: Mexican/ Half human half wyvern.

Favorite phrases: "If you are correcting the others, then start from correcting you at first".


Kuroji is serious and little emotional because he has a past with many scars,  first he does not remember his birth parents because the was kidnapped when he was 2 years old in order to create a demonic being, happening that, he got implanted wyvern meat and blood (thats why he has their red highlights), however this caused there was a lack of control in his whole body becoming an imp killing all his abductors. Without being aware,  he just used his instincts to flee to a safe place, he came to an alley where he fell completely asleep and since then, his life has not been the same ....




All CV voicebanks had been suth down beacause the creator considered them as low quality, however you can find the CV ACT 4 in the VCV beta.


The complete version wasn´t never released due to some problems with oto.ini, but the beta version it's still available, it includes the basic phonemes for a good singing, also includes CV alias both kana and romaji.

Download beta here: 4Shared


This append it's a 4 pitched voicebank wich scales are C4, D3, G3 and B2. Also includes variated effects such as breathings, vowels that end in breath, moans and CV-VC properties, it can adapt to any genre but it sounds better on slow songs, the voicebank only inludes kana alias in exception of the CV-VC ones.

Download Voicebank here: Bowlroll

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