Kurushimi Tanoshimi

苦しみ 楽しみ
苦しみ(Kurushimi=pain) 楽しみ(Tanoshimi=Pleasure)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE Depends on Voice bank used RELATED
Kurushimi Tanoshimi has no relationships
WEIGHT 184 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Whip with a blade at the tip CREATOR Kuku Klock
BIRTHDAY April 1st LIKES Pain, Playing around, never having to act his age and be a responsible Adult. MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE May 11th 2014 DISLIKES Having to act like an adult, His mother, His father, anyone who abandons people, not being able to have the slightest it of fun. SIGNATURE SONG
ADDITIONAL INFO: He’s very… Mischievous. Not to mention that he sometimes holds grudges. He’s nice when he wants to be, but mischievous none one of the less. He doesn’t mind a little pain(or a lot) He believes that there is a very, very thin line between Pain and pleasure. He could care less how his opponent causes him damage, as long as he’s not dead, he loves it. In other words, he’s a masochist. Once you get pass all the deceiving, and prank pulling, and childishness, he’s really an okay guy to hang out with.

When Kurushimi gets angry, run as far away from him as possible. Never ever trust the smile on his face when he’s angry. If one does, he tends to study his object before setting small mishaps to freak them out. It could be just a broken door, or make their unusable when they are needed most. If he has a twisted smirk, that one is very deadly. Something bad is soon to follow. He’ll go all out trying to damage the object subjected to his temper. For example, he may throw a rock aimed for the hated Object’s heart and swear that he was aiming to skip te rock in a puddle, dispite there being no rainfall recently. Worse of all, he completely plans all of this. It will take awhile for him to cool off, but once he starts to, the “punishments” will start to ease up. Once he cools down, everything will be just fine. He might, just might, apologize to the Object. That is a very slim possibility. He may give them a pat on the back, or a knuckle bump. Each means the Object is forgiven, but its better to get the pat on the back.

Kurushimi’s anger only lasts about a week or two, depending on what one did to make him angry. He’s patient when it comes to new people who irk him, but if they can’t take the hints he gives, his anger seeps out. First in small little bursts, if the Object keeps annoying him, in big bursts.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color:
    • • Bangs: Green Main Middle Bang: Black
    • • Back of hair: Green and short(CV) Green and long(VCV)
      • Bangs: The main part of his hair is green with a patch of hishar shaven off on the left side. Middle bang: Black.
      • Back of hair: Green (Follows same hair styles as Original Voicebank design)
  • Eye Color:
    • • Right: Dull green

• Left: Emerald green

  • Clothing:
    • • Top:

o Over the shoulder cape(When In VCV design, There is an emerald that fastens it closed near his neck) § Green with Black and yellow lines, only reaches just pass the chest. o Shirt § Black tank top underneath a sheer green long sleeve stripped shirt. • Bottom: o Belt § Black boardered green waist belt. o Pants § Loose fading green long pants. • Socks: o Ankle high black socks. • Shoes: o Green fading into black heeled boots. • Gloves o He wears a green glove on his right hand when he uses his “Pleasure” voice. • He wears a Black glove on his left hand when he uses his “Pain” Voice.

SEME APPEND • Top o Large leather belt that covers his pectorials and is normally as tight as possible. o On his right wrist there is a leather cuff with chains that are attatched. o On his left arm there is a leather cuff with Chains that are attached. • Pants o Green leather belt that has been sewn tightly to his leather pants. o Black Leather pants that do all the way to his ankles.  On his right though there is a black leather cuff with chains attatched to it.  On his left ankle, there is a black leather cuff with chains attached to it. • Shoes o Black Leather boots with dark green soles and lining.

  • Nationality/Race: Japanese
  • Other:  Scar on right side of face, Mole on left side of nose, For his SEME Append, there are a few additions such as a lip piercing that chain's his lower lip and left side of his mouth as well as an ear piercing on his left ear.

Voicebank releases

CV(Normal or UKE) This Voice bank is on the Whisper side, so slower songs or medium paced songs are better than faster ones. it is just a tad lower than the VCV Normal voice bank.


VCV(Normal or UKE) *File names are in Hiragana* This voice bank is on the Whisper side as well,so as with CV, slower and medium paced songs are better than faster one.


SEME APPEND CV(POWER) This voice bank, compared to his Normal CV, is louder and has more power to it.


SEME APPEND VCV(POWER)*File names are in hiragana* This Voice bank, compare to the normal VCV, is louder and has more power to it. Also, some strings were recorded "Wrong" so if he sings and it doesn't seem to sound right, it is okay. That is what the creator had in mind.


Kurushimi's normal VCV and SEME VCV were both otoed by ryan-kun12on Deviantart. Kurushimi's SEME CV Voicebank was otoed by MadLilium on Deviantart.

Voice configuration

Kurushimi has 3 voices, all of which are him. Young is the defaut voice. To achieve his pleasure voice a flag of g10 must be applied. to achieve his pain voice a flag of g20 must be applied.


Kohaku Nao(Friend)


  • Creation facts
    • Kururshimi’s look was based off of one of the Creator’s friends.
    • Kurushimi was supposed to have Heterocromia, but the creator decided on a scar.
    • Kurushimi was originally a neko.
    • Kurushimi was made to combat Akira Hikari.
    • Kururshimi was tenchinacally designed before Akumu, but a voice was never decided for him.
    • Kurrushimi’s voice is done in a WHISPERish APPEND because the creator thought that would suit someone that is in pain.
    • Kururshimi’s name means “Pain” and “Pleasure”. But the creator loves saying “Pained Pleasure” or “Pleasured Pain” Whenever referring to Kurushimi.
    • Kurushimi is one of the UTAU the creator made that is on the more perverted side.
    • If creation age is taken into consideration, then Kurushimi is the Third oldest designed Utau, but the Youngest to be voiced currently.
    • Kururshimi’s original design included a full leather type outfit. It has been altered slightly and is currently his SEME Append outfit.
    • Kururshimi was orhinagally supposed to just have a VCV Voice bank, but the creator decided to give him a CV Voicebank.
  • UTAU facts

• Kurushimi Is an only child. • Kurushimi is blind on his right eye.

• Kurushimi is a SadoMasochist, but he identifies more as a masochist, • Kurushimi LOVES the color green. • Kurushimi refuses to act his age unless it is absolutely necessary. • Kurushimi tends to flirt with whomever he seems. • Kurushimi’s nicknames are Kuru, Shimishimi, Kuta, and Runo. • Kurushimi’s most said phrase is 痛みとプレジャーは表裏一体の両半分です。(Itami to purejā wa hyōriittai no ryō hanbundesu. |Pain and Pleasure are two halves of the same coin.)


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