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(Japanese: 音波 共鳴 - おとなみ きょめい - Otonami Kyomei)


音波 (Otonami; Soundwave)
共鳴 (Kyomei; Resonance)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE F1 - F4 RELATED CHARACTERS Konshin Otonami (Twin brother)
AGE 20 (Remains 20 regardless of actual age (which is a little over 400)) GENRE Ballad, traditional, ambient HOMEPAGE Homepage
WEIGHT 121 lbs (55 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Bedazzled kitsune mask and blue folding fan CREATOR ClockworkCourier
HEIGHT 5'4" (163 cm) VOICE SOURCE ClockworkCourier PICTURE LINK LIST N/A
BIRTHDAY June 3, 1604 LIKES Dorayaki, red bean jam, kabuki theater, urban nightlife, sandalwood, good shamisen players, when her change purse actually has money in it MEDIA LIST

YouTube NND

RELEASE DATE December 16, 2013 DISLIKES Waking up too early, umeboshi, noise complaints, the smell of gasoline, haughtiness SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Kyomei is much louder than her brother, not so much in voice but in attitude. Where he's shy and awkward, she's more forward and charismatic. Oftentimes, she can come off as a little blunt. She's also far more energetic, although she spends most of her energy pestering her brother to take part in her 'adventures', which are usually things like trying some exotic food or going to the park. When she's relaxed, she really likes nothing more than enjoying a cup of tea or singing to herself. She likes claiming how 'zen' she is, regardless of what her brother says.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black and light blue
Kyomei Art

Kyomei's bank art/Art by ClearlyMachine

Headgear: A light blue lacquer comb
Eye color: Light blue
Earphones: Headphones glow, and are in the shape of morning glories
Dress/Outfit: Kyomei is small in stature, so she often wears platform geta to make up for her height (and to seem as tall as her brother).

Her outfit consists of a black yukata hemmed at her knees, the loose ends of it bound in light blue lace and the neckline bound in blue silk. The obi is black tied with a light blue cord. The bow of the obi is tied very simply at her back, and she typically uses it to hold her fan, which she uses when she's either exasperated or embarrassed.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Android


  • Between Kyomei and Konshin, Kyomei is the older twin.

Notable Covers

Splatter Party, featuring Kyomei Otonami and Rylan Mercier04:40

Splatter Party, featuring Kyomei Otonami and Rylan Mercier

Planned Covers

  • Tsugai Kogarashi
  • Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro
  • The Fox's Wedding
  • Rain Stops, Goodbye
  • Kagura Uta

Voice Configuration

ACT1[CV] - Download

Voice Description: Quiet, clear, mellow alto.
Recommended Resampler: TIPS
Recommended Flags: BRE0Y0C30H10g-6
Pros- Has a very lovely tone, and a strong lower range. Ideal for soft or slow songs. Very consistent.
Cons- Has a strong buzzing accompanying the samples, but this can be removed and made unnoticeable through mixing.

MIE[CV] - This bank has not yet been recorded. This bank will serve as a "power" extend to Kyomei, allowing her to cover a wider range of songs. This bank is expected to be higher quality than ACT1.

Voice Description: [TBA]
Recommended Resampler: [TBA]
Recommended Flags: [TBA]
Pros- [TBA]
Cons- [TBA]

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