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Kyuuyou Chuudoku Headshot

Kyuuyou Chuudoku

(Japanese: 中毒休養 - ちゅうどくきゅうよう - Chuudoku Kyuuyou) 

NAME INTERPRETATION: 中毒 (Chuudoku; addiction,obsession) 休養 (Kyuuyou; silence)

TYPE: KURUNAloid (comes from "Kuro", "Saruna" and "UTAUloid")

CV: D3~E5
AGE 17 GENRE Jazz, Rock, Pop
(good for songs were a deep voice is needed)

In her CV: A bag for everything and her knit hat

In her VCV: Cigarettes, alcohol and her knit hat


Saruna (Kata) (Illustrator & Voice provider)

Kuro (oto.ini)

HEIGHT 5'11" ft (180 cm) VOICE SOURCE Saruna/ Kata (K.G.) PICTURE LINK LIST deviantArt
BIRTHDAY 4th January LIKES smoking, drinking, sleeping, silence, Russia MEDIA LIST



January 12,2013

DISLIKES humans, people, crowd, any kind of energy (for example energetic people), sweet things (doesn't matter if it's a character or a meal), stupidity, divas SIGNATURE SONG Shotgun Lovers
PERSONALITY: Kyuuyou is a true Dandere/Kuudere character. She is very reticent and laughs very rarely (actually never). She doesn´t really like to speak or to communicate with others. She is a loner and likes to be alone. Sometimes she can be very cynical and cruel, but she's only that way when she meets with stupidity. Although she seems quite tough, she actually has a really fearful and sad self. KY has no problems with showing someone were his/her place is, but she doesn´t feel comfortable with this at all. But still, she is a very intelligent girl and would never do something without clearly thinking about it. She feels often annoyed because of her environment but she always keeps her calm cool and she doesn´t show any emotions.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: A grayish brown
Headgear: A green knit hat
Eye color: dark green (emerald like eyes)

Earphones: /
Dress: See concept art. (different clothes for different voicebanks)

CV: relaxed street clothes with special/sporty kind of boots + a bag for everything and her green knit hat

VCV: street clothes that are similar to her CV ones with some accessories + a black coat and of course her green knit hat

Nationality/Race: Presumably Japanese

KY Concept

Kyuuyou Chuudoku´s Concept Art for her CV and VCV voicebanks

Kyuuyou has really pale skin; Her nickname is KY ( (K)yuu(Y)ou ); She doesn't like to dress herself very thick. She prefers loose clothes; Because of the fact that she smokes very much she doesn´t look very healthy; She also needs a lot of sleep, what you can tell by her gray eye bags; She always carries a bag with her where she puts all her stuff in (CV); She only has 1 long ponytail on the left side of her head. The other one she cutted off because of unknown reasons.

In her VCV she doesn´t have her bag anymore, but a new cool black coat; She still has her green knit hat that she always wears; She also got a new tattoo, which you can´t see here really good because it´s hidden by her skirt. If you want to see it full, klick here. Also her ponytail that has been cutted off, has grown a little.

Voice Configuration

  • Her Voicebanks are in romaji with hiragana aliases.
  • You find Kyuuyou's CV Voicebank here (.rar) or here (.zip)
  1. Files: 142
  2. Size: 28,143,802bytes
  3. freq avg: 243.4 Hz (B3)
  4. logical range: D3~E5
  • Kyuuyou's VCV Voicebank is done. Only release song needed.
  1. Files: 252
  2. Size: 178,665,154bytes
  3. freq avg: 252.9 Hz (B3)
  4. logical range: D#3~C#5
  5. includes [ʁ]-Sound (rr_)

Usage Clause

  • Do not redistribute.
  • Do not claim ownership of this character and her voicebank. (So please credit!)
  • Do not create songs in any way that include any slander, racism, or anything that insultes the rights of a person or group of people.
  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there are changes that have been made by the creator.
  • Do not use any of the voice samples for other uses than letting her sing with UTAU!
  • Do not pitch her voice or use her as pitchloid.
  • Her voicebank is not for commercial use.

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