Choco L'at

L'at 暗雲

(Japanese:レート 暗雲)


レート(L'at) - His abbreviation of 'Chocolat'

暗雲 (An'un) - Japanese for "Dark Clouds"

TYPE: BonBonLoid

MODEL: 101- located on his arm. It's the same as his sister's model.


Vanille 暗雲  (Younger twin sister)

Mori Mine (Annoying Friend)

AGE 12 GENRE Anything, mostly upbeat rock or punk HOMEPAGE -none
WEIGHT 49Kg CHARACTER ITEM A black bear stuffed animal CREATOR ceraDELLa
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 161cm VOICE SOURCE ceraDELLa's younger brother PICTURE LINK LIST -the creator directly saved the photo from Sai to her desktop. It hasn't been uploaded on another site
BIRTHDAY November 15th LIKES Teasing his sister, competion and video games. MEDIA LIST -none
RELEASE DATE November 24th, 2014 DISLIKES Being called cute, losing, and his sister's girly bedroom. SIGNATURE SONG

Loud and arrogant big brother. L'at is rather cocky, and will often throw a fit if he loses a competion. He enjoys acting like a bully and teasing his little sister Vanille, but is only kidding when doing so. Although he acts annoyed when his sister depends on him, he's actually flattered by it and is very protective of her. He tends to use vulgar language and motions, even though he is rather young.

Character Design

Hair color: Black and white messy hair.

Eye color: Left eye is red, right eye salmon pink.

Shirt: Oversized un-zipped hoodie alternating from black to white with bear ear hood, a black T-Shirt with a red 3 underneath.

Capris: Black with white stripes, and a red pouch around his thigh.

Feet: Black combat boots.

Other: His nails are black and he has a white bear tail on his hoodie.

Nationality: French and Japanese

Voice Configuration

L'at's Voice will be released soon.


  • He knows how to sew
  • Painting his nails is a hobby of his.
  • His idol and crush is Gumi.

Usage Clause

  • Do not change his design unless just clothing for a specific song.
  • Please DO NOT pitch him up.
  • Allowed to be used freely.
  • If you wish to use him for RolePlay please ask me first.

This article has been written by the creator of L'at. Please do not change any info.       ''

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