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ローン (Rōn)
NAME INTERPRETATION: Name relates to abandonment and loneliness. Derived from the word "forlorn".
GENDER Physically Male/ Mentally agender VOICE RANGE



Oliver (Unrequited romantic interest)

Mario Fuwa (Friend[?])

AGE 15 GENRE Any (But sad, dark songs work well) HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 162 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Emptiness CREATOR Hanacchi
BIRTHDAY April 14th (debating for 7th) LIKES

Sleeping, ice-cream, loneliness, togetherness.

MEDIA LIST MatryoshkaHello Again


RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES Initiation, crying, sex, existing SIGNATURE SONG Hirari, Hirari
PERSONALITY: Generally anxious and cynical. He forces himself to be perfect in everyone's eyes, but does tend to fail doing so by his own pessimism. He remains quiet to hold back the urges to talk in fear that people may find him too annoying or too loud. However, he is very talkative. He has a complex that enjoys loneliness but also dislikes it. He prefers no friends, but desires many. His body is weak, and his intelligence gets the better of him, causing him to doubt himself and the world that surrounds him. Even so, he is always willing to listen to others when they need someone to listen to them. A good friend, but a lonely one. Very conservative on clothing choice. Rarely smiles unless around someone he really likes. It's true that Lorne is not very good at singing, but better at composing his own works (in which he does in spontaneous moments/when he feels like it).

Personality interpretation can be determined however the person likes. It isn't required to follow his personality.

Character Revisions

LORNE is originally from a game in development called For Lorne. Creator had a desire to make an UTAU. The only difference is the clothes + headphones. The character is the same in both.


A succloid is an utauloid that... succ. The other succloids are still in progress but eventually they will be finished.

Succloid fam

Supplemental Information

Hair color: White + Green streaks
Headgear: Headphones
Eye color: Red
Nationality: Unidentified (Remains unknown)

Voice Configuration

LORNE v.1/Act1: Japanese (Hiragana + Romaji)

Download CV voicebank (UNFIXED [16 MB]):

LORNE +BROKEN APPEND+: Japanese (Hiragana +Romaji)
Download complete CV append [32.03 MB]:

--> If using his ORIGINAL(unfixed) voicebank on any song, please make sure to range his voice in the song from C3-C4. If anything higher/lower, it will not portray his voice well. The highest Lorne should go is at least A4. is present but not very well configured.

---> Broken Append's pitch allowed to go from C3-G5. Append has a deeper key than the original. Ks and Ts are breathy. Some notes are stronger, some are weaker. Done purposely to make it "broken." Proper has been configured, but is not perfected.

Updates to the VB are coming its way...

Usage Clause/Terms of Use 

  • Do not claim the UTAULOID as your own.
  • Do not use the UTAULOID for anything illegal or offensive to others.
  • Do not use the UTAULOID for commercial purposes without consent from Creator.
  • No responsibility is held for such incidents.
  • Please put the name of the UTAULOID where it is visible on the work, if used.
  • Do not redistrubute voicebank.
  • Do not redistribute a modified version.

Creator would enjoy seeing your work if you use LORNE, but you do not need permission to use him.

Look Out for What's Next

  • Lost and Found (+Broken Append+) +Finished but unsure if wanting cover art or pv+
  • Little Cry of the Abyss (REMASTERED) +Not complete+
  • Everlasting Night (Fuwa Mario/Maria, Akane Anzu, Kanochi Neko, Eidolo Alpha, Seikakuiro Kurone, Yukarinetsuki Hayate, LORNE) +Finished but currently making PV+
Nah man


This article is written by the creator of LORNE. All information should be accurate.

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