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LRR Project is a group of young Vocaloid/UTAU users who write original songs and create UTAUs. In a way, we're part band and part music company. Our website is currently being worked on, so the link will be posted when it's finished.








Mita Souzou

Habu Jozo

Ayumi Sage

Harazoki Yuki



Misanami Shinizoua

How to join

If you would like to join, please PM Adlez27 on UTAforum. If that can't be done, then email her at . Please send the following information:

Name: (a username you want to be known by)

Skype name: (to keep in touch with each other)

Age: (In order to join, you must be under 13)

UTAUs to be in LRR Project: (Just one or two, we like to make lots of appends and languages)

Skill for making originals: (Lyrics, music, etc.)

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