Name: LUKTHEP-loid / ไทย: ลูกเทพลอยด์ , ลูกเทพ , ลูกเมพ

Type: UTAUloid (I guess...)

Genre: -

Voice Range: C#4 - B5

Weight: ?

Height: ?

Age: ?

Gender: ?

Race: Alien D: (Nope , I mean supernatural doll.)

Birthday: ?

Release Date: 8 February 2016

Related Characters: [NOPE]

Character Item: Holy seal

Voicer: น้องลูกเมพ

Media , Home page: Sound Cloud , Youtube

Likes: To stay still

Dislikes: IDK


Stay still and people will pet(?) them. :D


[19/2/2016] LUKTHEP-loid CV: Click!

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