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(Japanese: ランスロット)
ALIAS: LOTTE; Lancelotte Du Leon
- Derived from "Lancelot," Knight Of Arthurian legend. It's of French origin, and means "servant."
BANK: CV Extended Japanese



fERRERO(Same Creator/Voicer)

PÄN(Same Creator/Voicer)

ZETTΔ(Same Creator)

ピの木坊(Same Creator/Voicer)

Princess Tårta(Same Creator)

AGE Unspecified RANGE F3-A6 (3.25 Octaves) HOMEPAGE TUMBLR
WEIGHT 130 lbs (59 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Lance/Sword Guitar CREATOR NaughtyPichu



RELEASE DATE None/Private Release(see below for details) DISLIKES UNKNOWN SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: OPTIONAL/FOR RP PURPOSES: She is an UTAUloid embedded with the soul(or argueably the spirit) of King Arthur's knight of the round table, Lancelot du Lac--a reincarnation of sorts, though female rather than Lancelot's male sex(though by the way she often acts it argueable that her gender is quite masculine.) She short circuits a lot, and causes random electricity to emit from her. It also causes her permanent lion poof hair. She has a kind of gruff appearance(and the zigzag scar under her left eye doesn't help), and can seen standoffish, but that's just because she's not good at physically expressing her emotions like most girls. She's a bit of a stoic when you compare her to other girls, because she never really developed the "sense" of being a girl, she she acts more like a boy in that sense and the way she respects both women and men is much like the way a man is supposed to treat a lady politely. She would feel rather out of place if someone tried to treat her like a lady, as she doesn't see herself as part of that world and she would feel like she was insolent if she accepted such treatment. Her electric guitar also serves as a giant lance/sword to cut down enemies with a nasty electrical charge. She's unwavering in her ethics, so in that sense she can be considered a bit self-righteous and close-minded. She doesn't believe in backing from challenge or allowing her foe to resign either, even if it's life and death, but if it isn't dire, she will by any circumstance give mercy if asked for, as it is her sense of honour that drives her and pursuit of strength and truth. She also carries a secret past burden, perhaps from her former life--one that even history and existing fiction cannot unveil. Also, while has a very "righteous" personality, she has committed heneous acts before; when the name "Arthur" is said in her presence, some threshold in her brain snaps and renders her psychotically homocidal as she slaughters all in sight without reason. It seems to wear off eventually, but only common sense dictacts that as none have survived after witnessing her in this rage. Even she is unaware that this happens, as even as she sees the bodies and bloodied blade afterwards, she does not and cannot believe she did it.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Bright Yellow-Orange poof-ball(think of a lion's mane.)
Headgear: The bottom half of her hair is in a tight wrap(think of a lion's tail.)
Eye color: Highlighter Yellow
Earphones: None
Dress/Outfit: Black/Purple-is undersuit, Silver Armour, Golden Decals, Navy Cape.
Others: Her Lance/Sword Guitar is roughly the same height as her. She also has a noticable red, zigzag, scar-like marking under her left eye--it resembles both flash of lightning and also a simplified version of the Red Dragon of King Arthur on the Knights Of The Round Table Emblem(see image below.)


Knights of the Round Table Emblem from

Nationality/Race: Like none, but the heritage of her former life is British/Anglo-Saxon.

Voice Configuration

Currently in testing, she C makes her sound a bit brighter.


Private Download Only! Please message the creator ORPHONOS  to recieve a download link! Please do not redistribute!

Notable Works

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