Lily Hanane(Japanese:Soon to be announced)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Lily (Lily) - Doubles as a singing alias and the voice provider's name

Hanane (Flower Sound) - Potrays beauty, also a jab at her first name, 'Lily'

TYPE: P-Loid(as in, Planty-P UTAUloid) - Refers to the Producer of the UTAUloid

MODEL: 404 - A joke at her competence/incompetence at computers


Demetri Ookami- Best friend, punching bag

Yami Raionne - Best friend, ADVENTURER

AGE 15 GENRE Soon to be announced HOMEPAGE Soon to be announced
WEIGHT 95 lbs (38 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Candy Cane CREATOR Planty-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'2.5" ft (160 cm)

VOICE SOURCE Lily (Singing Name; Not related to VOCALOID Lily) PICTURE LINK LIST Soon to be announced
BIRTHDAY March 6, 1996 LIKES Gackupo Kamui, VOCALOID Music, Pop, high heels MEDIA LIST Soon to be Announced
RELEASE DATE Soon to be announced DISLIKES

Her height, weight, overall size.

Demetri Ookami

SIGNATURE SONGS Soon to be announced
PERSONALITY: Generally portrayed as "P-Loid's Sweetheart" she has an extremely dark, twisted side that comes forth when certain requirements are not met. She is also really self conscious, and her friend Demetri Ookami pokes fun at her, earning him a stab with a high heel. Her best friend is Yami Raionne and they often have WACKY ADVENTURES together. Demetri is not invited.

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