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PERSONALITY: Really really really bipolar. She loves to have a lot of enemies; if she doesn't know you, she considers yu as an enemy. She gets serious the most part of the time. She could make you use your eyelids as umbrellas if you say something about her earphones. She doesn't know what does guilty means so she never responses for her violent acts....BTW...she's not tsundere or yandere...she's just...herself. |}

Utau liriki triki by shakyy-d2zouzt

Supplemental Information

Real name: Liriki Trikovski Hellblinki (Liriki Triki is just an artistic name)

Hair color: Lavender with black tufts

Headgear: none

Eye color: Right:gray - Left: blank with a cross tatoo

Earphones: Goar horns shaped with red, green and blue lights

Dress: A bulletproof vest, white shirt, red skirt and black jeans

Nacionality/Race:born in Russia, actually Mexican

Voice configuration

Her voicebank is not finished yet.

=== ===

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