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Kireine Lisian, close up

Lisian Kireine ( リシアン きれいね / Rishian Kireine ) is original UTAUloid for Indonesian Fans. Her surname combines Lisian ( リシアン / Rishian) is stands for the name of the flower Lisianthus Eustoma which means "good-tasting" or "well-spoken", Kirei ( きれい / Kirei ) is beauty in Japanese language and Ne ( ね / Ne ) is sound in Japanese language. And her nick name is Richi. Type : INA-loid. Model : ???.

Biographical Infomation

Gender Female Voice Range - Related Character -


Genre - Home Page -
Weight 42 kg Character Item Luminance flower, White Neko Creator/Ilustrator Nim-tan
Height 156 cm Voice Provider Nim-tan Picture Link List
Birthday 22 April Likes cake, tea time, fish Media List
Release Date 22 April 2012 Dislikes troublesome, math Signature Song Not Yet


Lisian is a teenage girl who is very gentle and affectionate though not much to say, she was very sensitive. She does not like to do something troublesome and always spoke softly as "... Mendokusai naa ...". This girl is pretty easy to make friends with people. She also has similarities with Miku.


Hair Color : Soft pink

Eye Color : Light blue

Headphone : Like Miku's headphone but her headphone have black and yellow color for lamp.
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Lisian Kireine first design

Clothes : Like Miku's costume but different color and not wearing a belt like Miku.

Shoes : White boots with high heels light blue lines on the snooker and two yellow plates with black belt as a sweetener.

Sock : Along the thigh stocking are white with light blue line

Armlet : For this section applied wrist bracelet light blue fabric with white lace and yellow clip.

2012-11-03 14-08-01 0399 kokna

Kireine Lisian,3rd style

Nationality / Race : Indonesian - Japan
2012-06-15 11-20-32 0004

Kireine Lisian, 2nd style

Voice Configuration

I'm sorry. Lisian Voice Base has not yet finished.

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