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(Japanese: 竜音ロイド - りゅうねろいど - Ryūne Roido)

ALIAS: Lloyd-kun (As called by Popo,and Aurora Aurion), Lloyd-san (As called by most of his friends,and others)
NAME INTERPRETATION:                                                                                                                                                                ロイド (Lloyd)
竜音 (Ryūne; Dragon sound)

TYPE: SPARK-Loid/Yggdrasilloid
MODEL: SP-01 - ("At the upper left arm of his school uniform,also on his bare upper left arm,without his top.)

Drayo Ryuune (Cousin)

Franco Wakaine (Best friend;little brother figure)

Namida (Best friend;sister figure)

Kenta Chikune (Idol and friend;shares a brotherly relationship)

Aurora Aurion (Best friend and closest friend;Fellow Yggdrasilloid)

Saisei Maigo (Best friend;little sister figure)

AGE 17 GENRE Rave,Pop,Ballad,and Trance HOMEPAGE He doesn't have a homepage yet.
WEIGHT Can't tell. CHARACTER ITEM Popo ("His cute and cuddly plush dragon.") CREATOR Twins193
BIRTHDAY February 10, 1993 LIKES Being kind and truthful to everyone,singing,his plush dragon,art,and playing "ToS". MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE January 16th,2011 DISLIKES People who are mean,cruel,and thinking he's a shota-type. SIGNATURE SONG

Mysterium, Teenage Days

PERSONALITY: Lloyd Ryune is a very kind-hearted person.Mostly he spends his time reading books,drawing,singing,or writing his own ideas.He bears a resemblance to 'Lloyd Irving' from "Tales of Symphonia" because of his first name and hairstyle.Most people talked about that,but he didn't mind at all.Although he was still human,he had lost his memories when he became an utauloid for the first time,and he must find the answers to his questions to remember his past.He was a little stubborn,but he'll keep on singing with his kind voice.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Slightly dark brown

Headgear: Headphones

Eye color: Hazel Brown

Earphones: (1st design) Grey with blue lights. (2nd design) White with blue lights.

Dress: (1st design) A grey japanese school uniform for boys,with red from his top,dark grey slip-on shoes,and a brown belt.Underneath his top,he has a black sleeveless shirt.He also has an exphere on his wrist to make him have the ability to sing. (2nd design) A brown turtleneck with a dark brown stripe,with a splash of wine red on the end of his sleeves including the top of his turtleneck,along with two control buttons on each side of the arms.He also wore a white vest with red stripes,with a print of blue wings on the back.From the bottom,he had white pants with light brown stripes at the bottom,with speakers on each leg,and also a brown belt to go along with it.His shoes are light grey slip-ons,and on the bottom are brown soles with a blue lining on the back.He also has an exphere on his wrist to make him have the ability to sing.

Nationality/Race: Japanese/American

Favorite Catchphrase: "I'll be okay,as long as you have confidence." ( ぼくは大丈夫だ。限り、あなたは自信を持っているとして。 )

Other friends

Mori Fukane (Best friend and reading buddy;admires him as a friend,but gets really embarrassed when being teased by him)

Neon Rushi (Best friend;they both had a lot in common)

Hana Kiramekine (Best friend;flower power pals)

Cody (Best friend and drawing partner)

Kyoryu (Best friend;they both love giving each other hugs,and eating pineapples!)

Sasayaki-san (Friend;she and Lloyd are both soft speakers,so they both get to chat with each other sometimes)

Ame Shirohi (Best friend;they love to sing together,and hang out during a rainy day)

Capella (Best friend and singing coach)

SilverCross (Best friend;even if they both have shyness,they still get along with each other,and play together,like a pet and its owner.)

CopperCross (Boyfriend/Lover;Lloyd and CopperCross feel really close together and can hardly separate)

*Facts on Lloyd and Copper's relationship*:

  • Lloyd and Copper both love to be romantic with each other,but they don't like being seen doing so.
  • Copper tends to get into cat fights,so Lloyd is always having to stop Copper from hurting anyone.
  • Lloyd is very interested in Copper's neko appearance,and will tend to nag Copper with constant questions about it.
  • Copper feels very strangely flirty and shy around Lloyd,and he doesn't know why. But he likes it. Lloyd is the same way.
  • CopperCross & Lloyd Ryune met after Copper's little brother (SilverCross) introduced him to Silver's best friend,Lloyd Ryune. Ever since then,Lloyd Ryune has developed a crush on Copper. Then,after six months of having the crush,Lloyd nervously confessed to CopperCross,and CopperCross accepted Lloyd's confession. They've been boyfriends ever since.

Fun Facts about Lloyd Ryune

  • He's very shy against girls,and sometimes boys(when getting too close).
  • He was fully human at first,but due to an incident,he was reprogrammed to have an artificial mind.
  • He never gets mad,but one of his feelings could show occasionally.
  • He's very sensitive about the way he looks comparing to humans.
  • He loves to read,especially chapter books.
  • He can be soulless whenever his exphere is taken off,but when it's back on,he's back to normal.
  • He brings Popo along sometimes.
  • He also loves nature.
  • He has three favorite fruits: Apple,Pineapple,and Dragon fruit(although he prefers dragon fruit on his top 3).
  • He's kind of a soft speaker,slightly.
  • He loves planting flowers.He even had a little plant in his garden.
  • He hardly makes any friends from the beginning when he became an utauloid,but now he gets used to it.
  • He's uke,mostly because of his shota-like looks,and voice.
  • He would probably get excited by placing his hands on each cheek,blushing at the same time.
  • He has a habit of moaning,especially when he gets TOO excited.
  • He can be quite of a crybaby sometimes,but he'll try to cheer himself up either with a smile,or by singing.
  • He has eyes that sparkled whenever he blushes in some sort of a romantic manner,especially when he's close to someone he knew.
  • He and Drayo are cousins,knowing that they had the same last name,but they're different races.
  • He doesn't like to wear female clothing,or anything that reveals too much skin(except swimsuits),cause that makes him really embarrassed.
  • He's bisexual,that means he's attracted to both males and females.

Voice Configuration

Lloyd's voicebank is in romaji and in hiragana(oto.)
He's designed for singing trance,and ballad. But pop,rock,techno,etc. might do if you'd like.

CV Configurations(For Lloyd Ryune Act2):

  • His voice sounds better when you add the flag Y20H20Y0g-7.(For resampler users)
  • For fresamp users(as an alternative use), add the flag F1Y20H20Y0g-7.

VCV Configurations(For Lloyd Ryune VCV 1.0):

  • His voice sounds better when you add the flag BRE0E50F1g0.(For resampler users)
  • For moresampler users(as an alternative use), add the flag g4Mt15Mo15Mb-30e.

Lloyd's voicebank is now up!

Coming Soon(When Twins193 gets a new mic):

  • Append ~Eternal~ [Demo]
  • Append ~Angelic~

Usage Clause

Lloyd Ryune is made by and belongs to Twins193. If you make him sing some songs,please credit me. I'll be glad to see it when you're done!

Rules: #1:Lloyd isn't interested in R-18 stuff like nudity(unless if shared privately),and violence(well,violence and gore is ok,but other things that make me queasy won't do),but you could ask me permission if you want to draw him in R-18 stuff like that. #2:Don't be too serious to mess him up,including his oto files. #3:Don't steal and don't claim it as your own. #4:If you want to draw fanart of him,it's ok to do so. #5:Lloyd Ryune was not made for commercial use. #6:His name,profile,and image can't be used in any RP,forum,or online games,unless it's the author herself.

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