UNDER CONSTRUCTION! She will have a voicebank rigth after Touko's voicebank is finished, her design and personality are being made

meanwhile here are some usefull notes to renember, that have been decided

Name Interpretation:

Lua - Galician for Moon, at first it was gonna be Luna, spanish for moon, but since the existance of Luna Ichine and Luna Amane, the creator avoided the name Luna.

Tsukine - Moon Sound

Nickname/Alias: Moondroid

Character Item:


Age: 33 (since she is a chimera, that means she is 17)

Official Hair colour: Indigo

Official Eye Coulor: Platinum

Catchphrase : 私のKFCはどこですか?! Watashi no KFC wa dokodesu ka?! WHERES MY KFC?!

Race: She is a Chimera! just like Teto

Likes: KFC (obviously), playing pranks on people, astrology and space science (her name explains it all),taking a nap during the day, bullying Aki Morine because she found out Aki (Lua's hatefull nickname for him/her: Shotaki) is a shota disguising as a girl

Dislikes: anyone who calls her stupid, being called a tsundere, when someone gets free KFC and its not her, every single vocaloid (so don't pair her up with any male vocaloid (or even any female), If you do, she'll hate you so much)

Personality in progress: Tsundere, but when you get to know her she is
sweet....Unless you have KFC on your lunch box or walk with her past a KFC restaurant (she goes entirely bonkers)

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