(Japanese: Inorene Ruciano)
FULL NAME: Luciano Benito Inorene
(Inorene; Sound prayer)
(Ruciano; A reference to Luciano Pavarotti, an Italian operatic tenor )
Luciano's second name is a reference to Benito Mussolini, the 40th prime minister of Italy and the one who led the National Fascist Party .
MODEL: PO-01 - Prototype 01 ("PO" is written on his left glove, and "01" is written on his right glove)

Tei Sukone (a close "frienemy", and his crush)

Rui Kagene (another crush)

Rei Kagene (a person he gets into a fight with because of Luciano's interest on Rui)

Dell Honne (a rival and someone he frequently gets in a fight with)

Gakup Kamui (old acquaintance and might be the only one he repects)

AGE 25 GENRE Opera-based and Ballad-style music HOMEPAGE UNKNOWN
WEIGHT TBA CHARACTER ITEM An Epee (if being Luciano), and a Hunting Crop (if being Benito) CREATOR



BIRTHDAY TBA LIKES Rui Kagene, Tei Sukone, listening to his "secret" music, treating others as trash MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE WIP DISLIKES "Self-righteous" people, getting into fights, being interrupted while listening to his "secret" music, being made fun of SIGNATURE SONG Merda Accade (TBR)
PERSONALITY: Luciano is a veritable sadistic a-hole. He is a son of a Japanese aristrocat and an Italian singer. He was named Luciano because his parents believed that he would be a singing prodigy, but because of his insufferable personality, he was also given the name Benito. Initial impressions by most people would make him seem like calm and kind person; which is, of course, sorely untrue. His parents restricted the worst parts of his personality by making him listen to a song, a song that only Luciano and his parents know. But when somebody cuts off his music, he turns into his real self. He looks at everyone as trash and doesn't outwardly respect anyone except for Gakupo Kamui. Though not immediately obvious, Luciano actually developed a serious case of split-personalities because of his parents' attempts at fixing his attitude. Being Luciano, his real self, he is understandibly sophisticated, but is still an a-hole; when he gets into fights, often as he does, Luciano uses an epee in order to avoid touching the "uncouth plebes." But with his special tune off, he refers to himself by his second name, Benito. Being Benito, he becomes especially sadistic, with his being an a-hole magnified. During these bouts, he prefers beating his opponents with a hunting crop. Even with his twisted persona(s), Luciano is still capable of developing attraction towards the opposite gender: as Luciano, he has a crush on Rui Kagene; and when being Benito, he has a crush on Tei Sukone. Despite the individuality of both personas, "they" are one and the same.

Character Design

Here is a detail description of Luciano's chraracter design.
Hair color: Gold
Eye color: Gold and Blue (he has Heterochromia)
Outfit: A purple/black vest, a white collared shirt, purple pants, black shoes, gloves (one is white while the other one is black), a purple coat, and a black shoulder cape
: Japanese-Italian

  • "Hear me, contadini!" - when being Luciano
  • "Vaffanculo, that's how." - when being Benito

Voice Configuration

It is still in process

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