Luciano marissa act 03 by amichuu97-d63gb94
Luciano Marrisa

(Japanese:ルチアーノマリッサ : Ruchiāno marissa)

ルチアーノ(Luciano;carrier light, bring light) マリッサ (Marissa; Ocean, Sea )

MODEL: DV 30 ( DV Is Creator Name, 30 is Creator Birthdate)
Not related in any way to DV-Loid [[1]]
GENDER Female (long ago she is male, i mean, she is transgender) VOICE RANGE



Derapoid Hideko (Badtrio)

Melody Harmoine (Badtrio)

Mizutone Koe (Adopted sister) 

Mizutone Oto (Bully Victim) 

AGE 15 GENRE Any genre (best at happy song and accoustic thing) HOMEPAGE -
WEIGHT 45 kg CHARACTER ITEM Tomatoes CREATOR Amizuchan ([[2]])

5 November (2011)

LIKES Tomato, Studying, war, playing piano, Pasta, Do homework, Helping People,Sleep.  MEDIA LIST




October , 28


DISLIKES Gumi ,noise, sport , Pervert guy SIGNATURE SONG StargazeR

PERSONALITY: Luciano, she loves Tomato,pasta and many more Italia Food. She is very  vengeful and Annoying. very forgetful,100% tsundere,sometimes very helpful , doesnt like being asked so much. when she is mad, she is throwing her tomatoes. but, very hard working to be a best UTAU singer, faithful and kind to her friends, love her family.

Character Design

Hair color: Brown
Luciano marissa act 03 by amichuu97-d63gb94.png

Full Body

Eye color: Yellow

Headphone: Pink 

Scarf : Red

Belt: Dark Red (Tomato color) Shoes: dark grey from thigh until foot 


Voice Configuration

Act. 2 [Act.2]

- Good quality

- Romanji and Hiragana

- im suggest, use this VB to Lucio (her genderbend)

Act, 2.2 [Act 2.2]

- Good Quality

- Romanji And Hiragana

- Luciano Voice more cute and girly, I suggest you use this for Luciano

Act.3 [Act.3

- Better Quality 

- Romanji and Hiragana 

- better Oto.ini

- her voice is more mature and manly (becouse me LOL) please set her flag as describe on her VB.  

Other Relation

  • KaNaGu:


  • Hatsune Miku (Idol)
  • VY2 Yuma 

Friends : 

Relation :

  • HIDEKO : Her Childhood, Friendenemy. never peace forever after.  
  • Mizutone Koe : Adopted Sister. Lucia very want to be her older sister.
  • Mizutone Oto : Bully Victim , Oto doesn't like Lucia got her sister, Lucia also.
  • Ayako : Bully Victim , Rival ,  Ayako doesn't like Lucia got VY2 Yuma, Both is Love VY2 Yuma.


  • Luciano long ago was a male .
  • Luciano's first design was made by her master 
  • Luciano's second design sketch was made by her master but the concept art was made by YugureAkas
  • Luciano's third design (Now) made by YugureAkas  
  • She always annoys Park Hyung when he's playing a game
  • She has big attention with the people she dislikes 
  • She doesn't feel hurt when everyone says she's "Transgender" 
  • She loves cute things 
  • She loves pink items
  • When she feels lonely she eats tomato so much and even kisses it.  
  • She loves cooking for everyone. 
  • Favorite phrase : "Because im so fabulous!"
  • She loves VY2 Yuma

Usage Clause

  • Avoid Mary-sue
  • Not for sale, use her freely free
  • Please credit/tell the author if you use her voice

Certified UTAU from AmizuChan. Do not Edit with AmizuChan permission

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