(Japanese: ラルシルシエン - るしえんらるしょ - Rarushi Rushien)
ラルシ(LaRouche): It is a French-Canadian name, meaning "dweller by the rocks"
ルシエン(Lucien): It is a French name, meaning "light"

- - - -

The meaning of his name has no significance to the character.

GENDER Male (By human standards) VOICE RANGE N/A RELATED CHARACTERS Kyoto (His prized creation and assistant)
AGE 110 (87 human years / 23 cyborg years) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE WIP
WEIGHT Approx. 600 lbs. CHARACTER ITEM Large Golden Wrench (Officially depicted as a custom-crafted cane) CREATOR Zenchii (Writer/Voice Source/Designer)

Tokittyo (Artist/Programmer/Designer)

BIRTHDAY May 29th, 1905 LIKES Tinkering, innovation, "Those nice little glazed donuts with the jelly inside", Blues music MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE TBA DISLIKES Mortality, purple, League of Legends, Having to replace his brain-preservatives SIGNATURE SONG Red Pyramids
PERSONALITY: Lucien was an eccentric inventor and doctor of robotics and robotic prosthetics, as well as a charitable man. When his elderly age dawned on him, he removed his brain and spine, placing them into a robotic shell modeled after his younger self, so as to be able to continue to contribute his work to the world. As it was one of his early attempts of a full humanoid body, his new appearance resembled a puppet-like animatronic, the aesthetic of which frightens most. After creating his prized A.I.-based Gynoid "Kyoto" as his assistant in his work, Dr. LaRouche continues his prosthetic and robotic research and construction to this day. He sometimes sings and duets with Kyoto, which she records without his knowledge and puts on the internet.

Voice Configuration

Lucien is a Bilingual UTAUloid who will be available in Japanese and English upon his completion, however Japanese will be available far sooner. His Japanese is only available in CV format. His voice is the natural tone of his voicer, however his samples were filtered and edited for a robotic sound (similiar to Teto Kasane.) A "Human Append" (his voicer's completely natural voice) may become available for Japanese.

Supplemental Information


Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Pulled back into a loose ponytail; fringe drapes neatly across his face

Eye color: Baby blue

Eye Shape: Round. His eye-sockets are incorrectly measured/shaped, as the inside of his head behind his porcelain face can be seen on either side of his eyeball

Outfit: White dress-shirt, red satin vest, black dress pants and black tailcoat, black necktie, leather belt with a golden cog buckle, on his feet are red Penny Loafers. The inside of his tailcoat is lined with silver satin, buttons/details on all his wear are golden. See image for detail.

Nationality/Race: Canadian. Formerly human, presently Animatronic-Cyborg.

Favorite Phrase: "I could fix that." (He says to any object not in perfect condition)

Designed by: Zenchii & Tokittyo

Official Art By: Tokittyo

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This UTAU page is maintained by Zenchii and Tokittyo, information here may be subject to change without prior notice

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