Name: Luna Asta

Age: 20 years old

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: 50 Kg

Birthday: December 12th

Hair Color: White

Eyes Color: Violet

Species: Moon demon

Family: Sole Asta (sister), Klona Asta (sister) and Ori Asta (Brother)

Personality: At first Luna might appear as a calm, stoic woman who only likes to be alone to enjoy herself more. Even if shes like this at first, Luna plans to do anything for the person she likes, such as her sister. If anyone try to harm her sister or even try to take her away from Luna, she'll try to get rid of whoever it is. (Yes, yandere). Her rage usually can be sensed when she opens her eyes. Although only one can be seen since she keeps her other eye hidden under her hair. Even like this, she can be rather caring and quiet, which is good for those who don't know her.

Luna's eye

Likes: Watch the moon, sister and coldness

Dislikes: Being under the sun, brother and heat

Item: Moon necklace

Voice Resource: Yayamiho-chan

Voice Range: D#3 ~ C#5

Language: Single (Japanese)

Songs Site:

Voicebank Download (CV):

Covered songs:

- White Snow Princess is...

- Regret Message

- The Full Course For Candy Addicts

- Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance

- Sayonara Memories

- Hakoniwa No Shoujo

- Coffin Of Sweet Death

- Dolls

- Culture Blooming Girl

- Brain Revolution Girl

- Yuudachi No Ribbon

- Gothic And Loneliness

- Carnival

- Moon Festival

- Setsuna Plus

- Plateau No Hana

- Acute

- Incomplete Human Being

- Chloe

Credit yayamiho-chan when using her be it for art or for songs. Do not use for comercial reasons or such, but you're free to do whatever you want with her as long as it doesn't mean anything too bad or such.

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