Japanese: 桜リン (さくらりん)


Name Interpratation

Lynn can and is a commonly given name between both males and females.

Sakura, when translated, literaly means cherry blossom.

Type: ANIMAloid/FURloid/UTAUloid

Model: 16 (Her model number holds no real meaning.)

Gender: Female

Age: human years:12 dog years:84

Height: 5'4" (159.5cm.)

Weight: 80lbs.

Birthday: July 10, 1999

Release Date: N/A

Voice Range: Unknown

Genre: Almost any

Character Item: Drumstick (NOT the food)

Voice Source: Bedahem

Likes: Friends, sports, music, online gaming

Dislikes: Mean people, cooking, things she can't understand, perverts

Related Characters: Lee Sakura (elder brothor) Jisho Ohashi (close friend)

Homepage: none

Creater: Bedahem

Picture Link List: none

Media List: None currently

Signature Song: Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro (cover ver.), Lee Lynn Romantic Night (duet with elder brother)

Supplemental Information

Fur color: Light brown

Headgear: none

Eye color: Blue

Earphones: none

Nationality/Species: American/German Shepherd

Dress: Similar to Rin Kagamine's Append outfit. (Everything yellow is blue; everything gray is black.)


桜リンver1.0: This VB most likly won't be avaliable until, in temperate climates, spring.

Speical Notes: none

桜リンAppend POWER: This VB most likly won't be avaliable until, in temperate climates, summer.

Speical Notes: none

English VB: This B most likly won't be avaliable until, in temperate climates, summer of 2013.

Speical Note: Same as Lee's.

MikuMikuDance: Currently, Lynn has no MMD models, but they will be made as soon as Lee's MMD models are done. Lynn's models are not expected to be released until December 20, 2012 or Febuary 16, 2013.

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