(Japanese: マスーク - MASQUE)


マスーク - MASQUE- The soul of Koneko's mask

TYPE: unspecified

'Low to high generally 'speaking


XIII (Likes to annoy him, jealous of him)

Koneko Chikara (His master and Queen, for some reason he almost worships her. And seems to only sing what pleases her.)

Kaen Shujoteki (Enjoys this ones taste, however likes to prank him every so often.

AGE ??? GENRE Dark / Opera / Ballad style HOMEPAGE None yet
WEIGHT 0 CHARACTER ITEM a haunted music box CREATOR Inutomboyo15 / Kitty Win / evil-wears-a-bow
HEIGHT 6'1" VOICE SOURCE Inutomboyo15/ Kitty Win PICTURE LINK LIST None yet
BIRTHDAY March 13, 2010 LIKES The stage, Singing for Koneko. Pulling pranks and candy. MEDIA LIST None yet
RELEASE DATE March 13, 2010 DISLIKES Happy/cheerfull people. Light. Coffee. Being ignored. SIGNATURE SONG TBA
PERSONALITY: Sir MASQUE is a Ghost. Thats right, a legit ghost that subsides in Koneko's mask and comes out every so often to stir up some crazy no-good concoction of a mess. Weither it be a prank or just an illusion. This slave-like creature follows and bends to Koneko's will what-ever it may be. Now as creepy, dark, and out dated he may seem, he has a terrible sweet tooth and is a severely picky eater. In all honesty MASQUE loves people, but if you lay so much as one finger on Koneko in his pressence he tends to be...a little...murderous?

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: a white mask with gold, covering his eyes and nose. He doesnt have a mouth.

Eye color: black

Dress: Tailored black tail coat, ripped cream cravat and cream sleeves. Jagged collar that comes to his nose. Slacks but hasnt any feet, they dissolve in a ghost-like fashion. All buttoned with gold and black butons and a dead rose buttoneire. And a big empty gape in his chest, that looks like its falling apart.

Nationality/Race: Spirit, Ghost.

Voice Configuration

MASQUE is koneko's voice pitched with a G+10-15. Koneko Chikara currently has a cv bank with proper oto's. And a VCV.


ACT 1 VCV download


Act 4 LOW APPEND download

Act 4

ACT 4 download

Popular Appearances


Notable Works


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