MAZ is an UTAUloid, currently under development. MAZ is male, and once completed, will have an English, and Japanese voicebank. Do not expect godly levels of voicebank production, as I am NOT a professional (just putting that out there). MAZ will have no art, as I do not want him to have a particular song - I want to rely on his voice.

His personality is rather vague, as I feel like a personality or background limits what you can do with an UTAUloid or any other voice synthesizing character. Currently, all things about MAZ are extremely obscure, as he has just gone into development.

Now onto other things that you probably won't care about!

Likes: Cherries and cream

Dislikes: Lemons, and limes

Now onto things I want for MAZ in the future. I would like him to have an English, and Japanese voicebanks, and maybe appends, or something, maybe I'm want too much for him. I chose the name MAZ, as that's actually what I refer to myself as sometimes. I like to use it as a nickname.

Anyways, MAZ is purely a concept, a thought in my head, slowly being brought to life. It will be a while before any major updates are put here. The voicebanks will be available on this page, but may take a while, (as I've said) due to my mind needing perfection. Anyways, thanks for reading about MAZ, and stay prepared for future updates.

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