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(Japanese: マエミ - まえみ - Maemi)
ALIAS: Mah-eh-mi
マエミ (maemi; Honest child;Smile of truth)
MODEL: no model number
AGE 18 GENRE Traditional, ballad HOMEPAGE none
WEIGHT 114 lbs (51 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Fox or Peach CREATOR mimiichi
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'2" feet (158 cm)
B: C Cup Size
W: 24 1/2in
H: 38 1/4in


Reference Art

All Art

BIRTHDAY march 9 LIKES Spring, cherry blossoms, singing, cooking, cleaning MEDIA LIST yamato Nadeshiko~Bloom Gloriously
RELEASE DATE none DISLIKES being lonely
PERSONALITY: Maemi is a yamato nadeshiko, She is a very modest, beautiful, and shy young woman.

Supplemental Information

Occupation: idol
Hair color: peach with light peach/white gradients.
Headgear: a red ribbon.

Eye color: Blue with dark purple gradients. 
Eye texture

eye color

Earphones: none
Skirt: Wearing a stylized traditional costume.
Underwear: light pink, with cherry blossom pattern
Accessories: detached sleeves, thigh high socks
Nationality/Race: Presumably Japanese
Catchphrase: none

Usage Clause

Usage Rule of Maemi

The rules below are for the character and the UTAU voicebank Maemi.
Every rule applies to both the character and the UTAU voicebank Maemi.

1. Authorization
Users shall be deemed to have read and agreed to the paragraphs and the articles below when utilizing Maemi.

  • Do not use Maemi to violate laws and ordinances and/or promote actions which violate laws and ordinances.
  • Do not use Maemi in manners offensive to public order and morals.
  • Do not use Maemi to slander and/or insult third person/party.
  • Do not impersonate the creator(s) of Maemi.
  • Do not sell the voicebank and/or the character Maemi commercially.
  • Make sure to write the name Maemi (マエミ) onto your work when using this voicebank and/or character.

2. Discharge
The creator(s) shall not hold any responsibility to incidents and losses when using the voicebank and/or the character Maemi
Use this voicebank and/or character at your own risk.

3. Prohibitions and Reminders
a) Political expression

Is not limited. However, the utilization which violates usage rule above is forbidden.

b) Religious expression

Religious expression which promotes a certain religious group is forbidden.

c) Sexual (NC-17) expression, grotesque and/or violent expression

Is not limited as long as a cautional statements and tags are written properly.

4. Modification and Redistribution of the Voicebank

  • No limitation is imposed on modifying the voicebank. (e.g. noise reduction and pitch manipulation)
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • Redistribution of this voicebank is forbidden.
  • Redistribution of the edited/modified voicebank is forbidden.

This article is written based on available data of the character from other sources, and the official website. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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