Magasaki Shiyen (マガサキ市円 Magasaki Shiyemu) is a character from the free synthesizer UTAU. Her voice provider is Paula Bruno. 
Magasaki Re-desing

Basic information

Age: 18 

Country: Spain 

Languages: Spanish, English and Japanese 

Item: Lemon 

ID Number: 38 

Height: 1.69

Weight: 59.5

Likes: Bitter flavors, lemons, orange color

Hates: Sweet flavors.


Her hair is brown, like her eyes. Magasaki's outfit consists in a orange top mottled with circles of different colors. The top has sewn a yellow fringe. She wears an open skirt with the same desing of the top (mottled with multicolor circles.) Her headphones are green and yellow with a microphone. Finally, her boots are grey with a high heel.


She is a little shy with people she doesn't know... but when you become her friend she turns into a very confident and funny person.She likes to help his friends.


Magasaki was created on 16 June 2012, was regarded as a fanloid for a long time until the creator made ​​her UTAU's Voicebank. Since that day ,the design was changed and she was moved to the UTAU Wiki.


Magasaki has a romaji voicebank that allows her to talk in Spanish and English. Currently the creator is working on an hiragana voicebank.

Spanish Voicebank:  

Japanese Voicebank: (Soon)                                                                                                                             VCV Voicebank: (Soon)

Magasaki's avatar at UTAU


Shinkai Shoujo:

Rolling Girl:


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