Full Name:Maikita DT-200 /ไมกิตะ ดีที200

Real name: ENG: Tenmai / Thai:เท็นไม

Personal information:

Gender: Male (???)

Age: Unknown

Birthday: 14th March

Release Date: 10th April 2015

Genre: Normal Song

Height: 174.5 cm. (5.9 feet)

Weight: Unknown


Creator: FB

Voice Range: D3 - A4

Item: USBPlug , Japanese  Mushroom

Likes : Flute , Duck , Mushroom , Badminton , garlic, Bamboo , Friends of Tribal , Breaking Stereotypes of himself , Running , English , listen to music , Math

Dislikes : partisan divide , disrespect , Durian

Media List: Youtube

Homepage: SITE!!!!


Maikita is a very unusual UTAU. He tends to be very shy and easily discouraged. Maikita is also very smart he always does well in school but talking in front of the class scares him to death. Even though he has no confidence in himself and comes off shy deep down he is very different. When he is comfortable with someone he likes to joke around and laugh. Maikita secretly loves to laugh and always fantasizes. Only his parents know him well but he would never tell anyone that.


  • MiRoLoID (duo)
  • Itsuka Ritsu (Junior / Friend)
  • Luka (idol)
  • Kuroei Mato (Friend)
  • G-Ming Group (Friends)
  • Maizaka DT-200 (Genderbend)

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Dark Purple(Human) , Dark Brown(Half Beast)

Headgear: Headphone(Human)

Eye color: Chocolate Brown

Nationality: Thai


  • He can run very fast. (But not as fast as Onika Maruyama)
  • His favorite country is Philippines.
  • He like to play badminton.
  • He can cook foods. Although surprised, but he came out delicious.
  • He did not like the partisan divide He is a woman would dare to tempt him.
  • Perhaps when he is upset He did not consult anyone With shame Therefore, brief idea and suicide for some time.
  • He was reviled as a dangerous person !!!! <<<With Voice Source !!!!!!!!!!!>>>

Usage Clause

  • Credit to author when use voice banks or draw his as fan arts.
  • Free to Download
  • CV Voicebank hasn't got Hiragana.
  • DON'T use him for R-18,because I Hate it
  • DON'T steal his voicebank!!!!,I will KILL you if you steal his VB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Certified true and correct from Maikita's creator

Gender blender

His genderbend >> HERE !!!


  1. Maikita DT-200 ACT1-2 (17/4/2015) (NORMAL/LCD+VB/The First VB) Flags g-7(ACT1)
  2. Maikita DT-200 ACT3/3rd (23/7/2015)
  3. Maikita DT-200 ACT4/4th (25/10/2015)(THAI CVVC)