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Maira Atateyama

(Japanese- 枚歌 あ楯山)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 枚 (Mai-Little sister) 歌(Ra- sing)

あ- (a..)

楯山 ( three mountains of Tateyama)


MODEL: x (sewed on her arm warmer)( - oXo- )left hand tattoo


236.7 Hz


I-Ko (best friend)

Mizuki Zuiga(crushing on)

AGE 17 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE coming soon
WEIGHT unknown CHARACTER ITEM apple/salmon/Book CREATOR ChiiROu



HEIGHT 156 cm VOICE SOURCE Syahirah/Chii/sha PICTURE LINK LIST deviantart
BIRTHDAY December 14 LIKES Reading, singing, Eating MEDIA LIST youtube
RELEASE DATE 15 June 2014 DISLIKES sardines , being called

a lover to Ikio,being coward,Annoying people , bees


PERSONALITY: She's a bit childish compared to her age and she's also very smart . Maira loves to eat salmon...addicted to Salmon.She's also a very careless girl .She is also a cheerful person and a well mannered person. She likes to eat and never gain weight.She never likes to see people in a bad mood,she'll try her best to make them happy and never put a frown on her face . She'll get vicious when people hurt her friends

Character Design

Hair color: almost cream + white(black hair with white bangs for soft Append)

Eye color:  Red

Shirt: a pink tank top with a small pink ribbon

Hoodie: A blueish + black hoodie with a short sleve on the right and none on the left

Skirt: Average red coloured skirt

Feet: upper ankle Laced silver/white boots with 1 knee length and 1 below knee socks

Nationality: Malaysia-Japanese-korean


  • Whenever people pair her with other male UTAU she will just stare..but she is really scared
  • She likes singing and reads a lot
  • She hates studying
  • She has other character item which are a book and apple
  • She's not good at relationships
  • She don't like to waste a lot of her energy
  • Normally seen around Ikio
  • Scared of other boys

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there is changes that have been made by the creator.
  • Avoid any mary-sues.
  • Please DO NOT pitch the voicebank.
  • Allowed to be use freely.
  • Credit the creators when wanting to use

Certified true and correct from SHA /Chii.  Please do not change anything here without Atateyama Maira creator or Admin's permission.

Voice Configuration

Maira's voice is by default, encoded in Hira and Romaji .

voicebank ACT1 can be download HERE


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